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    The annual “Christmas in Chesham” event takes place this week and Chesham Broadway will be closed at certain times.

    Therefore between midday on Thursday 26 November and last bus plus all day on Friday 27th November, service 55 will be curtailed short and not serve Chesham Broadway.

    The last stop to be served will be Red Lion Street and drivers should then turn round by way of the roundabout at the junction of Red Lion Street and Water Meadow, laying over and picking up at the buss top in Red Lion Street, south of East Street.


    The annual Leighton Buzzard Christmas Festival will occur from 19:30 on Thursday 26 November through to 19:00 on Sunday 29th November.

    Bridge Street, Church Square and the High Street will be closed for the whole duration so all our services in LB will need to divert.

    In addition West Street and Leston Road [between West Street and Hockliffe Street] will be closed on Friday 27thNovember between 1900 and 2200.

    Service 150 should divert via West Street for the whole period observing the temporary stops in West Street. On Friday 27th, the last two northbound journeys [to LB only] will need to run from the A418 LB by-pass roundabout right on to the A505 the left at the second roundabout into Grovebury Road then left at the top onto Lake Street, and drop off at the bus stop in Lake Street by Morrisons. The last two buses coming from MK on reaching the “Flying Fox” roundabout will need to carry on straight ahead along the A5 to Hockliffe and turn right at the traffic lights onto the A4012 and into LB turning left at the roundabout at Hockliffe Street/Leston Road, along Leston Road which becomes Lake Street [setting down / picking up at the bus stop just after Morrisons] then right at the roundabout into Grovebury Road, right at the roundabout at the end onto the A505 then left at the second roundabout onto the A418 and normal route to Aylesbury.

    Service 70 should divert via Leston Road and West Street for the duration observing the temporary stops in West Street. On Friday evening after 19.00 buses will need to set down opposite Morrisons in Lake Street and turn via the roundabout at Leston Road / Hockliffe Street – thus not serving the Rail Station.

    Services 32/33/34/35 should for the duration set down, layover and pick up in Lake Street opposite the Library and depart via Hockliffe Street and Leston Road.

    Service Dash Direct should divert for the duration via West Street and Leston Road. On Friday evening from 19.00 the service will need to curtail as service 70 above, i.e. in Lake Street by Morrisons and not serve the Rail Station.


    As in previous years due to the traffic congestion of cars looking for car parking spaces, on Saturdays 28 November, 5th, 12th &19th December services X60, 70 and 150 will divert away from Saxon Gate and Midsummer Boulevard and use Avebury Boulevard and Witan Gate instead.

    Thus the bus stops in Midsummer Boulevard at CBX will not be served – nearest alternative stops will be at The point Shopping Centre or by Santander House.

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    Two events in Tring will necessitate services 61 and 500 to divert in Tring.

    Firstly from Thursday 26th November until Wednesday 2nd December between 0930 and 1630 [presumably includes Saturday] Aylesbury Road between Icknield Way/ by-pass roundabouts and Western Road will be closed for road repairs. Buses should divert from the roundabouts by the by-pass via Icknield Way B488 and right into Christchurch Road then left at the end into High Street and normal route. Reverse of this on return  to Aylesbury.

    Then on Friday 27 November from 16.00 until end of day, Tring High Street will be closed due to a Christmas event. Buses from Aylesbury will need to divert from Western Road via Christchurch Road, right at the end onto Icknield Way then at New Mill roundabout, service 61 ahead to Bulbourne and service 500 right onto Wingrave Road, ahead Brook Street then left at the Robin Hood roundabout onto normal route. Buses towards Aylesbury should follow the reverse of this diversion.

    Beware of low trees in Christchurch Road!!!

    Between 1600 and 1630 on Friday, both diversions maybe in operation so buses will just travel direct via Icknield Way -500 the n via Wingrave Road/Brook Street]- meaning service 61 completely misses Tring – which will affect the schooltime bus from Aylesbury. I suggest the driver must tell all boarders for Tring to use only service 500.

  • Uncategorized Comments Off on SERVICE 280: PARK END STREET DIVERSION EASTBOUND 1 DAY

    Park End Street will be closed EASTBOUND for one day on Sunday 22 November between 09:00 and 16:30. Buses on serviced 280 from the Rail Station towards Aylesbury should divert from Frideswide Square via Hythe Bridge Street, right into Worcester Street and left into New Road and normal route, i.e. the reverse of the current long term westbound diversion towards the Rail Station.

    There will be a temporary stop placed in Hythe Bridge Street just after the junction with Frideswide square which service 280 should observe for the day.

    There is no change to the current westbound diversion away from Park End Street which will continue unchanged – this should be in place until around 4 or 5 December.

  • Uncategorized Comments Off on SERVICE 300: CHRISTMAS LIGHTS IN HIGH WYCOMBE

    Due to the annual event of “switching on the Christmas lights in High Wycombe”, service 300 will need to divert ALL DAY on Thursday 19th November, away from Frogmoor and Oxford Street stops.

    From Aylesbury as usual to Hughenden Avenue then from the roundabout via Glenisters Road and Arch Way to the roundabout in the town centre then as usual to Bus Station. So last stop before bus station will be Beaconsfield Arms.

    From High Wycombe Bus Station, left at town centre roundabout onto Arch Way then ahead into Glenisters Road and normal route. First buss top after Bus Station will be Morrison’s in Glenisters Road.

    It is also Aylesbury Christmas Lights switch on the same evening [how does Santa do both………uses route X300?] but this should not affect any of our services in the town but there should be extra people about in the early evening.

  • Uncategorized Comments Off on CLOSURE OF MANDEVILLE ROAD, AYLESBURY

    Due to the requirement to do remedial work to the recent re-surfacing, Mandeville Road, Aylesbury, will be closed on Friday 13th November from 19:00.

    Service 55 should run from the Bus Station via the Gyratory, Chestnut Crescent, Taylor Road and Churchill Avenue and resume normal route at Stoke Mandeville Hospital – and vice-versa on return.

    Service 300 should divert from the Bus Station via Oxford Road and Churchill Avenue to resume normal route at Stoke Mandeville Hospital – and vice-versa on return.

    Service 9 should use normal route to the hospital and then via Churchill Avenue, Taylor Road, Chestnut Crescent and the Gyratory back to the Bus Station.

  • Uncategorized Comments Off on ROADWORKS: MAIDS MORETON, SERVICE 60/X60

    Re-surfacing of Main Street, Maids Moreton, will mean that service 60/X60 cannot turn at that village whilst the work is in progress so affected journeys will need to terminate at Buckingham Bus Stand.

    The work will be carried out from 0800 until 1600 on Thursday 12th November, Friday 13th November and Monday 16th November. The first journey to and from Maids Moreton at 0725 and the last two journeys at 1645 and 1750 will be able to operate as normal – the journeys in between will ned to go no further north than Buckingham Bus Stand.

    Service 151 run by Redline provides a minimal off peak service between Maids Moreton and Buckingham town centre.


    Appenine Way, eastern arm, will be closed for carriageway patching on Saturday 14th November. Buses on LB town services will need to use the western arm of Appenine Way to access Hockliffe Road from Meadway. Service 33 will need to omit Appenine Way completely and turn via meadow Way for the day.

  • Uncategorized Comments Off on BUS STOP SUSPENSION: EATON BRAY

    We have been notified that due to water mains work by Affinity Water, the bus stop at Eaton Bray, White Horse in the Aylesbury bound direction will be suspended from 09.00 on Tuesday 20 October until 17.00 on Thursday 22 October.

  • Uncategorized Comments Off on EVENING DIVERSION OXFORD CITY CENTRE

    As you maybe a ware buses on service 280 towards Oxford Rail Station are already on all-day diversion away from Park End Street via Worcester Street and Hythe Bridge Road.

    From Wednesday 21 October for 3 nights [Wednesday/Thursday/Friday] starting at 19.00, Park End Street will also be closed in the direction coming out of Oxford Rail Station towards Aylesbury. Buses to divert visa Hythe Bridge Street and Worcester Street, i.e. reverse of current westbound diversion. There will be a temporary stop placed in Hythe Bridge Street for buses to observe. I also understand that for part of the time there will be temporary traffic lights used at the junctions to facilitate the revised traffic flows caused by the diversion.

    On Sunday 25 October from 09.00 until 16.30 again Park End Street will be closed in both directions and buses to divert as above.

    Monday 26 October until Friday 30 October , from 19.30 again Park End Street will be closed in both directions and buses to divert as above.

    Weeks commencing 2nd and 9th November: Park End Street will remain closed to westbound traffic and buses to divert as current. Buses to use Park End Street eastbound but the nearside carriageway will now be open as work moves to the offside carriageway. The Station access road will be resurfaced during this fortnight with 4-way temporary traffic lights in use to control single lane working.


    Weather permitting, the “Marroway” roundabout on Wendover Road, Stoke Mandeville, will be closed from 19.00 for three nights, Monday 19/ Tuesday 20 & Wednesday 21 October. The evening service 55 return journey will need to divert from Stoke Mandeville Church via the 300 route to Terrick Crossroads, then turn left onto Nash lee Lane to the Wendover by-pass roundabout and left along the by-pass and right at the Worlds End roundabout back onto normal route. Reverse of this for the return from Chesham journey.

    Then following this, the roundabout at the junction of Wendover Road and Wendover by-pass will be closed for four evenings from 19.00 – provisionally Thursday 22 / Friday 23 /  Monday 26 / Tuesday 27 October. The evening service 55 will need to divert in Stoke Mandeville off Wendover Road via Marroway, Weston Turville, Worlds End Lane and regain normal route at the “Village Gate” roundabout. Reverse of this on return from Chesham.

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