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  • Uncategorized Comments Off on CLOSURE OF FROGMOOR, HIGH WYCOMBE: SUNDAY 24th MAY

    Frogmoor in High Wycombe will be closed all day on Sunday 24th May for an annual festival.

    Service 300 therefore will be diverted via Glenisters Way and Arch Way going towards High Wycombe Bus Station – there will be no stops between Beaconsfield Arms and Eden Bus station.

    Coming from High Wycombe Bus Station buses on the 300 will again need to divert via Arch Way and Glenisters Way with no stop between Eden Bus Station and Morrison’s.

  • Uncategorized Comments Off on Service 55 road closure

    For service 55 and the road closure outlined below, from Monday 18th May for 7 nights except weekends – thus presumably up to and including 27th May [allowing for the PH], the one evening return journey on the 55 will not serve Amersham Station and Oakfield Corner but will continue direct up Station Road at the mini-roundabout by the bridge and then turn right at the next mini-roundabout and then left at the next one, back onto normal route through to Chesham. Same routeing on return from Chesham.

    Thus nearest stops will be at Chesham Road or in Station Road by The Rise.

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  • Uncategorized Comments Off on Service 500 Hemel Hempstead Town centre stops

    During the redevelopment of the Marlows in Hemel Hempstead

    Service 500 will use the following stops in Hemel Hempstead Bus station

    Towards Watford bay 2

    Towards Aylesbury bay 4

    These are same stops which we used when serving the bus station in the past

  • Uncategorized Comments Off on CLOSURE OF LEIGHTON BUZZARD HIGH STREET: 3 & 4 MAY

    Due to the annual May Fayre being held on Sunday 3 & Monday 4 May, service 150 will not be able to serve Leighton Buzzard High Street, Hockliffe Street and Lake Street.

    The service will be diverted all day on both days via West Street and observe the part time bus stops situated on that road.

  • Uncategorized Comments Off on Mk marathon Update

    The Milton Keynes marathon will be held on Public Holiday Monday, 4th May, affecting service 150.

    There are two separate sections of road closure as follows:

    Saxon Street will be closed between Bletcham Way and Groveway from 0600 through to 1900 and between Bletcham Way and Childs Way from 0900 to 1300.

    Service 150 from start to 1300 will divert from Bletcham Way via ahead Bletcham Way, Watling Street, Grafton Street through to Grafton Gate, left into Elder Gate, MK Rail Station, Elder Gate, left into Grafton Gate, right into Portway, right into Secklow Gate, left into Midsummer Boulevard to set down at Food Centre stop B3. Then run up Midsummer Boulevard to U-turn at Marlborough Gate, back along Midsummer Boulevard to pick up at stop B4, the n continue along Midsummer Boulevard, right into Secklow Gate, left into Portway, left into Grafton Gate, right into Elder Gate, MK Rail Station, Elder Gate, right into Grafton Gate and ahead Grafton Street back to Watling Street, Bletcham Way and normal route. Obviously the timetable will “go out of the window” with this diversion but if possible regard actual times at Rail Station with the timetable “Shops” times and the actual times at Food Centre as the timetable times at Rail Station.

    Service 150 from 1300 to finish to divert from Bletcham Way via right into Bond Avenue, ahead into Marlborough Street, left into Groveway, right into Saxon Street and normal route and vice-versa on return.

  • Uncategorized Comments Off on MK Marathon road closures Monday 4th May

    It’s MK Marathon time again. The differences this year are that Coffee Hall roundabout is only closed 1000 – 1030

    All services Central Milton Keynes 0900 – 1200

    Eastbound (Station to Food Centre): Station Square, Elder Gate, Silbury Boulevard, Grafton Gate, Portway, Secklow Gate, Midsummer Boulevard. Services that only serve CMK The Point (70, 99, 150, X5) should use stop B3 at CMK Food Centre.

    Westbound (Food Centre to Station): Midsummer Boulevard, Secklow Gate, Portway, Grafton Gate, Silbury Boulevard, Elder Gate, Station Square. Services that only serve CMK The Point (70, 99, 150, X5) should use stop B4 at CMK Food Centre.

    Services 70 and 150

    Between 0900 and 1300 services 70 and 150 diverted via Grafton Street between Bletchley and CMK and therefore:

    Journeys on service 70/150 between 0900 and 1300, that normally serve the station before the Food Centre should operate as the eastbound diversion returning to Grafton Street via Marlborough Gate, Silbury Boulevard, Secklow Gate, Portway.

    Journeys on service 70/150 between 0900 and 1300, that normally serve the Food Centre before the Station should operate from Grafton Gate as the westbound diversion to Secklow Gate then Silbury Boulevard, Marlborough Gate, Midsummer Boulevard, returning to Grafton Street via Secklow Gate etc

    Between 1300 and 1900 services 70/150 diverted via service 5 route (Bond Avenue)


    As the Headington roadworks draw to an end, there is the requirement for a total road closure of London Road between Green Road roundabout and Headington Shops.

    The closures will be on Monday 27th April, Tuesday 28th April, Wednesday 29th April and Thursday 30th April from 20:00  to 06:00 the following morning to facilitate the carriageway reconstruction between Northfield Road and the roundabout.

    Then again on Wednesday 6th May and Thursday 7th May from 20:00 to 06:00 the following morning to facilitate re-surfacing of the whole section of London Road that has been re-constructed.

    Journeys affected are, from Aylesbury, the 1920 departing Aylesbury through to last bus [the first morning bus from Thame is due 5 minutes before closure is officially removed but should get through alright]

    From Oxford, the 1952 departing Oxford Rail Station through to last bus.

    Diversion from Aylesbury is normal route to Green Road roundabout then left onto the Eastern by-pass, then after approximately one mile, turn right at the traffic lights into Horspath Driftway; bear right at the mini-roundabout into The Slade; straight ahead into Windmill Road then at the major crossroads/traffic lights turn left into London Road and back on normal route to serve the buss top at Headington Shops.

    Diversion from Oxford Rail Station is normal route up to Headington, observe bus stop BEFORE the junction normally used only by the Park & Ride, turn right at the traffic lights into Windmill Road, straight ahead into The Slade, bear left at the mini-roundabout into Horspath Driftway, left at the traffic lights onto the Eastern By-pass up to Green Road roundabout and turn right back onto the A40 and normal route.

    No bus stops to be served on the diversion but drivers to stop coming out of Oxford at the bus stop before the traffic lights at Headington Shops, normally used by just the P&R.

    Inevitably, delays will be quite substantial, especially early in the evening.

  • Uncategorized Comments Off on CLOSURE OF MARLOWES IN HEMEL HEMPSTEAD

    A reminder that from Monday 27th April, Marlowes and Bridge Street in Hemel Hempstead will be closed until around late August, affecting service 500.

    The 500 will still approach the area along Waterhouse Street but then turn right into the Bus Station, observing stop 2 when going to Watford and observing stop 4 when going to Aylesbury and then turn left back into Waterhouse Street and re-trace the way they have come back towards the Riverside Centre.

  • Uncategorized Comments Off on CLOSURE OF SAXON STREET, MILTON KEYNES: SATURDAY 25th APRIL – SERVICES 70 and 150

    Due to a Rugby World Cup trial event, there will be a rugby match at the MK Stadium on Saturday 25th April and Saxon Street will be closed from 1100 until 2300, between Coffee Hall and Denbigh roundabouts.
    Buses on service 70 should divert from Saxon Street right onto Bletcham Way, then left via Bond Avenue, Marlborough Street, left onto Standing Way and right back onto Saxon Street. Vice versa on return
    Buses on service 150 from the A5 onto Bletcham Way as usual but then right onto Bond Avenue, Marlborough Street, left onto Standing Way and right back onto Saxon Street. Vice versa on return.
    Note that Bond Avenue and Marlborough Street will be signed and coned off to traffic but buses will be allowed through and there will be gatemen to allow buses to access these roads unless congestion becomes too bad.

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