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    Some Photos of the day at the Aylesbury Depot are here MPS day at Arriva Aylesbury


    MPS Awareness on the buses!


    Our son Harry has (MPS I) Hurler. He has had a BMT and his brother Oliver was his donor. We are Lucy and Ian Evans his parents. We are very lucky to have a close family who always listen and help especially Pat, Don, Sylvia, Barry and of course Marg, Lucy’s sister. In my work as a bus driver for Arriva the Shires and Essex I am extremely lucky to have a boss who is always willing to help with any problems or time off that is needed for the care of Harry or hospital attendance. This is our story of MPS Awareness Day 2012


    We were sat at home just talking one evening and the subject of the MPS Society came up. We both said it was coming round to MPS Awareness Day. I said wouldn’t it be fantastic if we did something to raise money and at the same time raise awareness. But what do we do? For a few days we went round with ideas in our minds but nothing concrete. Then I went in to work to see what my boss says about doing things in my workplace. That was the push that started the ball rolling, within minutes he was sending emails to people and suggesting things that we could do. He agreed to a non uniform day with everyone donating and quizzes to try to raise more money. There was even an agreement to having donation boxes on the buses for the public to donate.

    I found a suitable quiz for the bus drivers (I decided chocolate bars as all bus drivers eat chocolate), then decided I would give prizes as a thank you to all who were to take part. The main prize being a meal for two at the Hampden Arms in Great Hampden donated by landlords Constantine and Louise Lucas who are regular supporters of the MPS Society. I then wrote to all members of staff saying what was planned. I had one gentleman ask to see me, and he asked would it be ok if he spent the day dressed as Elvis Presley. Of course was my reply. Then I set about the task of printing all the


    papers I thought I would need. A few days before the 15th we were due to attend Great Ormond Street for an outpatient appointment so I arranged with Antonia to collect a fundraising pack, balloons, leaflets and the donation boxes, from the offices on the way to London. But because of all the rules and regulations that there are with the collecting of monies from the public I had to get emails sent to say we were not asking the public for money. So I just had to go back to Amersham on the Monday and pick them up. Which was not a problem as I had a late start to my day’s work (15.45).

    The only problem with the late start was the late finish (23.48) which meant very little sleep if I was to be at work for the first person to start at 4.45am. I did make it. I set up a table with leaflets and my quiz sheets on, I also had a glass jar filled with pasta shapes for everyone to guess how many were inside (counted by Lucy) and a chocolate cake where everyone was invited to guess the weight. Then I just had to wait and see how many people would take part. I was astounded by the support and willingness to hear me speak about our experiences with Harry and the MPS Society. Just after seven o clock Elvis entered the building to do his school run. I think it was the longest school run ever with all the children wanting their picture taken with him when they got to school.

    After that Elvis spent the day riding round on the buses handing out leaflets and posing for pictures with the public, everytime he left the Bus Station there was a shout of Elvis has left the building. I must admit to having a short break to see Oliver and Harry during the day but stayed at work until half past eight when the last donation box came back. From the events at work I did

    go straight to the Hampden Arms in Great Hampden where there was a quiz in aid

    of the MPS Society, and I must say the pub was once again full to the brim with people supporting the Society.

    The next day came the moment of truth. We had raised more than the £200 that we had hoped for. I went to see Dennis Mauger who had spent the previous day dressed as Elvis and unbelievably he had raised a massive £403. With the other donations from all the members of staff at Arriva Aylesbury we managed to raise a wonderful £1110. I would just like to thank Steve MacDonald, Steve Ellam, Dennis Mauger and all members of staff at Arriva Aylesbury.

    Also a big thank you to everyone at the MPS Society without people like you, people like us would be going through the unknown with no help or advice. Ian Evans

    Through their knowledge of Harry Evans and his family, the Hampden Arms have been wonderful supporters of the MPS Society. They held an MPS Awareness Day quiz and raised £205.00. Louise Lucas from the Hampden Arms writes: “Once again great support from our lovely village with the pub full of friends and family. Boys from a local cricket club won and kindly put their prize money into the pot.”


    Visit www.mpssociety.co.uk for more information

    or give us a call on 0845 389 9901 to find out how you can support us…

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    On Monday 2nd, Tuesday 3rd & Wednesday 4th July, the road will be closed for resurfacing between the A413 in Whitchurch and Oving Road, past the junction with North Marston Lane.

    As there is no suitable diversion for large vehicles, service 60 will have to run direct via the A413 from Whitchurch to Winslow, then at the main square turn left into Horn Street and right into Burleys Road and normal route. On return all journeys buses should leave Buckingham 4 minutes later than timetabled and maintain this up to and including Winslow, Vicarage Road; then from Burleys road turn left into Horn Street and right onto the A413 through to Whitchurch. If still early at Whitchurch buses should endeavour to maintain normal time from rejoining the normal route.

    Obviously this will leave Granborough, North Marston, Oving and the Ash Grove Gardens area of Whitchurch without a bus service for 3 days!

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    Due to the Edlesborough and Eaton Bray carnivals being held on Saturday 7th July, there will be a number of service 61 journeys unable to serve this area.

    Journeys departing from Aylesbury Bus Station from 0930 to 1330 inclusive should continue straight ahead on reaching the “Travellers Rest” roundabout, then turn left at the next roundabout into Harling Road; then turn second right into Dunstable Road, and ahead into Church Road and then right at the end back onto normal route at Totternhoe, Church End.

    Journeys departing Luton Airport at 0925 to 1325 inclusive, on reaching Church End in Totternhoe, turn left into Church Road and drop off anyone wishing to alight [as you just miss the bus stop at Church End] then carry on ahead into Dunstable Road an turn left at the end into Harling Road and right at the roundabout onto the B489 and ahead at the “Travellers Rest” roundabout and onto normal route.

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    Closure of Princes Risborough High Street at the following times, meaning that buses will need to serve New Road instead using the temporary bus stops in that road.

    Saturday 7th July 1300 to 1400 – 1235/1255/1315/1335 ex Aylesbury and 1231/1251/1311/1331 ex High Wycombe will need to miss out the High Street due to a fancy dress parade!

    Sunday 8th July 0900 to 1200 – 0905/1005/1105 ex Aylesbury and 0905/1005/1105 ex High Wycombe will need to miss out the High Street due to a “road race” being held.

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    Great News for Employees of Wheatley Services


    Oxford Zone tickets now includes Wheatley services

    Day £3-80 ( £2-20 Concession )

    Weekly £15-00 ( £9-00 Concession )

    4  weeks  £40-00 ( £29-00 Concession )

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    Ticket prices

    Day £5-50 ( £4-00 Concession )

    Weekly £22-00 ( £16-00 Concession )

    4  weeks  £70-00 ( £49-00 Concession )

    Valid within  orange boundary line only

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    Dear Subscriber

    We have pleasure in annoucing the release of 3 new ‘Bus Guides’ which are now available at outlets

    across Hertfordshire. These guides replace the single Network Map and are available covering the

    following areas:

    · North & East Hertfordshire

    · South & East Hertfordshire

    · South & West Hertfordshire

    These new publications include a more detailed map of the specific areas and service route guides.

    Please pick one (or all of them) up at your nearest Library, Council Office or Tourist Information Office.