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    Further to previous messages (on 3rd, 6th and 25th January), we are now
    advised that the closure of the roads through Tilsworth and Stanbridge
    will take place between Thursday (16th) and Saturday (18th February)
    this week.

    Service 70,  will be diverted as previously advised via the A505 and will omit both villages.
    The closures are between 0800hrs and 1800hrs on each of the three days.

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    9th February 2012

    Dear Pupils and Parents:

    Re: Arriva Bus services to and from Waddesdon School

    We are aware that both pupils and parents have experienced travel difficulties and concerns further to the recent changes to services 16, 613 and 300.

    Although we are of the opinion that given time the changes could have worked, but because of the number of concerns we have directly or indirectly received we have decided to take some actions to assist pupils getting to school.

    From Monday 20th February 2012 we will reinstate the 613 to its old operating timetable both to and from the school, remaining on its current route around Haddenham but returning through Fairford Leys.

    On the same day we will reintroduce the second service 16 vehicle to and from the school. However, we must stress that both service 16’s will depart Aylesbury Bus Station at its scheduled timetabled departing time of -07:50. Under no circumstances will this departure be delayed, as this can have a detrimental effect to our Operating Licence and business.

    The service 300 will not be altered, because significant work has been undertaken to improve the overall reliability of this service, throughout the operating day, with a view to improving the service to all users, following concerns of reliability since September.

    This service does not directly serve or affect the School or is in the catchment area, whereas the 613 and 16 have a direct impact on the school.

    These arrangements will remain in place until the end of the academic year, unless demand reduces and we have agreed to discuss the arrangements for the following academic year with the school.

    We hope that these actions are a help to the majority of pupils and parents and you continue to use and support our services.

    Yours sincerely

    Steve MacDonald

    Depot Manager

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    Due to road repairs by Oxfordshire CC, the road between Shabbington and the A418 at North Weston, will be closed for two days on Monday and Tuesday 20th & 21st February, badly affecting service 110. Journeys that use this road will need instead to divert at ShabbingtonVillage to operate via Long Crendon towards Thame and from Thame will need to divert via Long Crendon – in both cases by the “other” route 110 between Thame and Shabbington.

    Due to the length of the diversion the following alterations will be made for the two days:-

    0642 from Cuddington – to run 10 minutes earlier throughout

    0727 from Worminghall – to run 10 minutes earlier between Worminghall and Thame

    0912, 1121 from Worminghall will operate late, up to 15 minutes or so

    1020, 120 from Aylesbury will operate late, up to 15 minutes or so

    1321 ex Worminghall will operate up to 20 minutes late but will not serve Thame – on reaching Carters Lane via the diversion, will then run directly back to Aylesbury.

    1420 ex Aylesbury – will run only to Thame – not to Worminghall on Monday

    1552 ex Grange School will run as normal but late arriving at Worminghall via the diversion so will then be late running back to Aylesbury.

    The 0720 ex Aylesbury and 1505/1555 ex Lord Williams will run as normal.

    The drivers on the morning peak and morning daytime bus until 1415 will be giving out leaflets to passengers over the next few days telling them of these arrangements.

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    TEL 0844 800 4411



    Arriva the Shires

    Customer Services

    Arriva the Shires and Essex




    LU4 8BR

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    Please park in the allocated spaces and between the white lines

    Do not park on any yellow mark areas

    Such AS by the  steam cleaning ramp and bicycle shed

    Please observe all marked speed limits and use the correct entrances

    Please use painted walkways wherever possible

    Hopefully the new marked layout will be a benefit to all concerned


    Thank You

    Engineering manager

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    To allow for resurfacing work of the lay-by, the bus stop at the Village Hall, Stone (Aylesbury bound) will be suspended on Thursday 9 & Friday 10 February 2012.

    A temporary stop will be sited on the first lamppost after the lay-by, by the gate into the field.

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    Leap Year Causes Wrong Expiry Dates On Tickets

    Due to a software fault with the Wayfarer 3 ticket machines some 4 Weekly tickets issued on Thursday 2nd February 2012 have an expiry date of:

    00 March 12

    Similarly, some Weekly tickets issued on the Wayfarer 3 ticket machine on Wed 23rd February 2012 will also have the expiry date 00 March 12.

    Drivers are advised that tickets with the above expiry date should be accepted for travel up to and including the 29th February 12.

    Tickets issued from the Wayfarer Prestige ticket machines at Ware are not affected.

    Ben Pearson


    Revenue System Support

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    From Sunday 5th February

    Service 4: the frequency is reduced from every 15 minutes to every 20 minutes [reduced from 18/20 to 22/24 in peaks] but the route is extended via service 9 to and from Stoke Mandeville Hospital, New Wing. This means that from Church Square through to Stoke Hospital, both the 4 and the 9 will follow the same route and observe the same bus stops as each other, i.e. as the 9 does now. There will now be a couple more minutes to do a round trip.

    Service 9: frequency reduced from every 15 to every 20 minutes off peak [in peaks reduced from every 18/20 to every 22/24 minutes] but the routeing will remain unchanged and there will be 5 minutes more to do a round trip.

    Service 16: a major revamp of the route and the timetable by Bucks CC, but the contract re-awarded to us, with a withdrawal between Marsh Gibbon and Bicester; and a reduced timetable but now to a more regular pattern giving an hourly service between Aylesbury and Waddesdon with most journeys extended to Steeple Claydon and every other journey to Marsh Gibbon. Many journeys run via Quainton but only one return trip diverts to Westcott. Routeings west of Grendon Underwood are still varied! Saturday service is two-hourly to the same basis. All journeys west of Quainton will be operated by the Bicester/Steeple rota.

    Service 17: withdrawn without replacement

    Service 18: contract re-awarded to Langston & Tasker, still between Bicester and Buckingham but with peak journeys to and from Aylesbury. Saturday service withdrawn.

    Service 55: the service has already been extended “unofficially” from Amersham Hospital to Chesham Broadway but will become a normal service and journeys will be operated by duties on the Main, Steeple and Trainer rotas. Route learning to eb arranged!

    Service 60: the afternoon journey that runs on schooldays only from Buckingham School to Aylesbury will be withdrawn. To replace this, a normal return service trip has amended times to transport the schoolchildren and will be done by the night rtoa drivers.

    Services 100 and 150: revised routeing in Milton Keynes. Coming off the main A5 as now into Portway and right at the bus only turn into Elder Gate. Coming past the station, turn left into Midsummer Boulevard [immediately before the Bus Station] and across at the roundabout, observing stop X3 outside Chiuquto, which will be the new stop for the Rail Station [note that until about March 8th we will still be using the temporary stop opposite the Station in Elder Gate]. At this point, destination display should be changed to the service number for the return journey and to show Aylesbury.

    Then continue along Midsummer Boulevard to the second set of lights and turn right into Saxon Gate, then left into Avebury Boulevard and as now to the main Shops stop. On leaving the Shops, turn left at the lights into Secklow Gate, then left again at the next lights into Silbury Boulevard and keep going straight ahead until the roundabout with Grafton Gate, turn right here and then left at the next roundabout onto Portway and then back onto the A5. Thus we no longer serve the Food Centre area.

    A map is available.

    Service 280; more running time on most peak journeys in at least one direction. Off peak and weekends unchanged.

    Service 300: on Monday to Friday increased frequency from every 20 minutes to every 15 minutes [17 to 20 minutes in the peaks] with more peak running time on many journeys. Apart from two morning peak journeys into Aylesbury and two evening peak journeys out of Aylesbury, all journeys on Monday to Saturday are withdrawn from Ellesborough and Butlers Cross, and will now run via the “main road”, i.e. past Little Kimble Station to make them more direct and reliable. Check dutyboard on peak journeys to see if you operate via BUTLERS CROSS [now in capitals on dutyboard!].

    Service 613: This service on reaching the St.Mary’s School roundabout in Fairford Leys will now double back along Coldharbour Way and along Oxford Road and Whitehill to the Royal bucks hospital then into Bicester Road and as service 16 to Waddesdon School. Reverse of this routeing in the afternoon.

    New timetables have now arrived for the 2, 4, 4/9, 9, 16, 50, 60, 61, 100/150, 280 & 300. The 55 and 500 should not be far away.

    Neil Roughton


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    Changes to Arriva
    bus times in
    from 5th February 2012
    We will be making changes to a number of our services in
    the Aylesbury and North Buckinghamshire area, mainly to
    improve reliability but also including:
    Improved service to Stoke Mandeville Hospital
    More frequent buses on Line 300.
    Full details of the changes are shown in this leaflet.
    New timetable leaflets are available from local outlets
    or by phoning 0844 800 4411.
    They can also be viewed online at www.arrivabus.co.uk.

    There will be minor timetable changes, mainly during Monday to Friday peak
    times but also affecting early morning and evening journeys on Mondays to
    This service will be extended to Stoke Mandeville Hospital.
    Buses will run in both directions via the same route as Redroute 9 between
    Church Square and Stoke Mandeville Hospital.
    The frequency will be reduced to every 20 minutes during the main part of the
    day and to every 22 to 24 minutes at peak times.

    Greenroute 4 and Redroute 9 will jointly provide a bus
    every 10 minutes (every 11 to 13 minutes during peak periods)
    between Stoke Mandeville Hospital and Church Square through
    to the Town Centre and vice-versa.

    To improve reliability, the frequency will be reduced to every 20 minutes during the
    main part of the day and and every 22 to 24 minutes at peak times.
    There will be an earlier Monday to Friday journey via Broughton to Bedgrove.

    16 BICESTER – TWYFORD – QUAINTON – AYLESBURY Following a review of usage by Buckinghamshire County Council who subsidise this service, it will no longer run between between Marsh Gibbon and Bicester. A more regular daytime service will be provided between Steeple Claydon, Waddesdon and Aylesbury, running hourly on Mondays to Fridays and two-hourly on Saturdays. Alternate buses will be extended to Marsh Gibbon and there will be
    additional peak-time buses.

    Following a review of usage by Buckinghamshire County Council who subsidise
    this service, it will no longer run.

    This service will be run on behalf of Buckinghamshire County Council by Langston
    & Tasker, following the existing route but with some journeys extended to or from
    Aylesbury at peak times.  The Saturday service will no longer run.

    The timetable will be revised with an additional morning peak-time bus and an
    extra one during the late afternoon.
    The 1436 bus from RAF Halton to Aylesbury on Schooldays will no longer run.

    The buses at 1445 from Aylesbury and 1545 from Buckingham will run earlier
    to cater for schoolchildren from Buckingham School.

    The Monday to Friday timetable will be revised, with some journeys retimed by
    between five and ten minutes to improve reliability.

    The section of route via Milton Keynes Rail Station will no longer be served
    by these buses. A replacement bus stop will be introduced nearby in Midsummer
    Boulevard, outside Chiquito.

    The section of route via MK Food Centre will no longer be served and buses will
    be re-routed to take a more direct route to the A5.
    The timetable will be revised to take account of these route changes and to help
    improve reliability.

    lThe Monday to Friday peak-time timetable will be revised, with additional
    running time to help improve reliability.

    The Monday to Friday frequency will be increased to run every
    15 minutes during the main part of the day and every 15 to 20
    minutes at peak times.
    There will be a revised timetable on Mondays to Saturdays.
    All buses, with the exception of two morning and two
    afternoon peak-time journeys, will no longer serve Butlers
    Cross, being routed instead along the main road through
    Little Kimble in order to help improve reliability and provide
    quicker, more direct journeys.

    The short journeys after the morning peak period on Mondays to Fridays between
    Aylesbury and Hemel Hempstead will no longer run.
    The 0912 bus from Aylesbury will depart at 0907 and will run to revised times to
    improve reliability.

    l The route and the timetable will be revised.
    l After Fairford Leys, buses will run via Oxford Road, Royal Bucks Hospital and
    Bicester Road in Aylesbury.
    l The route in Haddenham will be revised to better match where demand is and
    provide a more direct journey.

    Improved service to Stoke Mandeville Hospital More frequent buses   – up to every 15

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    For our last week of operation into Bicester, the Bus Station in Bure Place will be closed long term for re-development from Monday 30 January 2012.

    Buses on services 16 and 18 will now use stop C in Market Square. Buses now run along Manorsfield road and at the end turn left into Market Square and circumnavigate this Square then turning right back into Manorsfield Road. I have a map if anyone wants to check it, but unfortunately although indicating the bus stops, it doesn’t label them, however a poster says service 18 is observing stop C, whichever that is, and presumably service 16 is as well! I would assume that stop C will be the third one which would mean it is on the south side of Market Square.

    The notice states that due to the volume of buses using the Square, layover cannot be taken there. Service 18 has a long layover in the morning so this may not be possible – if this is so then I would suggest Bicester North Station is used