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A little humour

  A bike shop just outside High Wycombe Bus Station  

Bus Station latest June 20th 2008

Bay 1 Bay 2 and 3   Bay 3 and Bay 4 BAY 2 Bay 4

Bay changes from June 23rd June

Arriva 2 Bedgrove from bay 4 Arriva 4 Walton Court from Bay 5  Back to Normal Arriva 61 Luton  from bay 2 Arriva 300 High Wycombe from Bay 6 Bay to Normal Arriva 500 Watford from bay 5

Date set for new Aylesbury Vale Parkway station opening

Aylesbury’s New railway station Aylesbury Vale Parkway Will open on 14 December 2008  Four years ahead of timetable. More information here

New investment In Aylesbury Transport Network ?

Click Below for more details Possible investment In Aylesbury transport Network

Bay changes for Aylesbury Bus Stn from 16th June 2008

Monday June 16 Bays 1, 2 and 3 will re-open. Bays 4,5 and 6 will close Bay 1 – will be used by the 16s, Water Rider and Route 8 Bay 2 – will be used by Line 300 and 165 to Stoke Mandeville Hospital Bay 3 – will be used by 54 and Green [...]

Bus Station Closure

  All closures will start at 7pm on Saturdays and end at 5am on MondaysThe first closure is Saturday, June 14 and of Sunday, June 15 – the others are the following two weekends – June 21/22 and 28/29.All services during these times will be relocated outside County Hall in Walton Street.

New stops outside County offices Aylesbury


Latest pictures of Phase 4 May 20th 2008

  Now available at Latest phase 4 photos here

Latest from the Bus Station

New lighting and more white paint

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