Russell Cato

Congratulation to Russell on his promotion to Engineering Manager at Aylesbury


Pete Segola

Funeral arrangements

Amersham crematorium

Friday 26th Sept 2008

at 1300 then continues at Pitstone Village hall afterwards

Arriva in Germany



Whilst on holiday I spotted this in Lindau (Germany) on the shores of Lake Constance

Social Club draw results

NUMBER’S FOR June’s draw 40. M COMBER. 13. P SPAYNE. 132. D VENN . 22.F WAITE. 46. D STEELE.

NUMBERS FOR July’s draw 77. I BANGA.117. P POPE. 46. D STEELE. 83. J RYAN. 104.S MACDONALD.

NUMBERS FOR August draw 57. J GRANTHAM. 20. J GIBB. 41. S ROBINSON. 118. D COLLINS. 125. B SMEE.