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     British summertime begins

    on Sunday  29th March 2009


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    Click here  this album is in date order so scroll down to the bottom to see the bridge in operational use

    Towards town centre


    Towards Southcourt and beyond


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    Enviro 200 has entered service on the Aylesbury Silver Rider Services

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    A Volvo LF02 PVA has arrived in Aylesbury Depot . I am led to believe that it will be allocated to our Leighton Buzzard out station for the majority of it operations

    Its originates from Merseyside but then spent time in  Essex before Arriving at Aylesbury

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    The website is now being visited


    4000 times a month

    Go to fullsize image


    Thank you for your support

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    Station Square

    Courtesy of James Smith information Bureau

    MK Council have finally released their proposals for the redevelopment of Station Square in Central Milton Keynes.

    Anyone that has had the misfortune to travel over the current road surface of pot holes and loose brickwork will know it’s been a long time coming.

    There are two options that the Council have whittled their ideas down to, Which there is an image of each below.

    Option 1


    Key points:

    * Plant trees to extend boulevard effect
    * Uses proportions of CMK grid
    * Reduces pedestrian/vehicular conflict
    * Clear views and routes to underpass
    * Transport located to sides of square

    Option 2


    * Plant trees to extend boulevard effect
    * Less focus on proportions of CMK grid
    * Reduces pedestrian / vehicular conflict
    * Clear views / routes to underpass
    * Less land given over to transport purposes than option 1
    * Reduced size of land used by current transport layout
    * Allows for two large grass areas

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    As some of you will know Steve has now left Arriva, Steve was just one the nice  people who made working for Arriva a pleasure..He will be missed


    Steve has left a message so feel free to leave your comments and best wishes , i am sure he will get a lot of pleasure from them


    Steve’s message

    As you all must know by now my final day working for Arriva was Friday 27th. I will miss you all and all the banter in the mornings.I wont be far away only up the road at Swanrider. Once again i will miss you all. by for now. Steve.

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    Aylesbury Bicester Road Primary Public Transport Corridor

    Courtesy of Bucks CC website

    The Bicester Road is an important element of our Aylesbury Transport Strategy  . The main objective of the scheme is to provide facilities that enable buses to travel more freely along the A41, thus reducing journey times and improving journey time reliability. Improved bus journey times will support the new park and ride service at Aylesbury Vale Parkway, existing inter urban and village services into Aylesbury and the high frequency services serving the Berryfields Major Development Area and western Aylesbury. Furthermore, the scheme will also deliver great improvements to facilities for cyclists and pedestrians.

    Together these improvements will encourage greater use of public transport, cycling and walking, reducing dependence on the car and supporting our programme of smarter travel choices across the town.

    In November 2008 the council submitted a full business case to the Department of Communities and Local Government and the Department for Transport, to support a bid of just over £5 million from the Community Infrastructure Fund.  Please click on the attachments below to view the business case in full. The business cases were submitted in 3 volumes:

    • Volume 1: Project Summary Information
    • Volume 2: Project Appraisal Data
    • Volume 3: Supporting Evidence

    The Council expects to learn around February/March 2009 if its bid has been successful

    More information can be found here Click here