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    My thanks to Bucks County Council for this information

    Please note that service 300 and 500/501 will not be serving   Exchange Street stops , High Street stops and  New Street stop from the 20 April 2009

    Town services 1,2,3,4,6,7,9 will now serve the Railway Station before arriving at the Bus Station

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    Monthly subs to be increased to £1 ( was 75p) a month from May 1st 2009

    Note Various other options were considered including the  increasing  of the price of drinks (coffee prices have sharply increase recently) available from the vending machine

    Any member who wishes not to pay this new rate can contact either Babs ( cashier ) Or Gynn who can make the necessary arrangements to end the membership

    But non  membership also  bars you from any Social club events unless the option for Guest is available, and also the guest rates will be apply

    Please note that non members are also unable to play the fruit machines ( customs and excise regulations )

    Also due to increasing costs some items available in the vending machines will also be  increased

    Any further details can be obtained from the Social club committee

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     March Draw numbers

    112. R Robson

      91 J Labross

    109 N Ringsell

      31 M Oliver

       1 M Wearn


    April Draw numbers

    53 S Bronicki

    81 R Bannerman

    50 J Harris

    62  T Watson

    25 D Bonson

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    As from Thursday April 2nd the Bedgrove section has now reverted back to normal operations, and the special  Broughton shuttle bus has been withdrawn


    Also all  the Bus Station stops are now back in operation for  use after 2000 ..all temporany stopping arrangements have been withdrawn in Exchange Street

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    Arriva Aylesbury Website www.arriva-shires.co.uk


    The longest running source of information regarding the Arriva Aylesbury garage, and has been reporting News and events since 2005

    Website addresses http://arriva-shires.co.uk/ and


    Email address ansellsweb@googlemail.com

    Check on site for weekly updates…you can submit your own News as well


    From the desk of Steve Macdonald Depot Manager

    Hi Folks

    I’d like to start this article with a simple Thank You for all the efforts that everyone puts in every day in helping us provide the service we do to OUR passengers, so Thank you, Thank you very very much.

    I say this for two reasons, one because of these being very difficult economic times and the bus industry is very much caught up in this. Within these difficult times our costs increase and our customer base goes static, if not decrease so it is vital that we provide a good service so that people can appreciate that we are reliable and trustworthy.

    My second reason, is to try and remove the rumour that we (management) are out ‘to get rid of people’. This simply is not the case and believe me, if we had wanted to we would of when we lost the Silver Rider contract, but we didn’t, but we did retsructure slightly. Yes we have been more active in managing the business, but that is what we are paid to do and many of these factors were brought to our attention by contractors to the business and we weren’t doing what was expected of us. I am happy that this has now changed and I say a special thank you to the drivers of the service 16 via Aylesbury Vale Parkway, I met again with Bucks CC and they were very pleased with the service we have operated recently, so Thank you again.

    To try and deter from such rumours, I would like to suggest an open evening, similar to last year, whereby me, Steve Ellam, Nick Knox and Trevor will take the floor and answer any questions. A suitable date and venue will be posted shortly.

    Now is probably a good time to mention future work. The tendering system has changed for the school contracts and last week we submitted several bids for a number of schools runs. At the time of writing we are unsure of the outcome but these are nervous and exciting times for the garage as we could win a considerable amount of work, we could also lose some.

    In other news, I hope you have all noticed the new Road Safety board in the signing on room. I wish to thank Stuart, Glyn and Trevor for their continued efforts in raising the awareness of accidents, accident black spots and general concerns around the place. We must all work hard in reducing the number of incidents we have. In the future we will use this newsletter to help focus on the activities of the RSG and your comments and suggestions are more than welcome. On this point I would like to place a slight reminder in that all incident and accident reports must be returned within 24 hours of the incident and all incidents must be reported, this helps prevent further claims and costs.

    Although still to be confirmed we have been given a provisional opening date for the Station Boulevard, the 20th April and for this we will divert some of our services, which should help running time. Once confirmed this information will be published.

    As you will now be aware the fares have recently changed. Not all fares have risen and indeed some have decreased. The fare structure was revised to simplyfy what we do and to make the return fare formula more simple, simples!!! Hopefully helping both you and the passenger.

    Our congratulations go to Mr Russell Cato and Vicky on the birth of their new born son, Callum.

    We would also like to give a big thank you and pass on our best wishes to Mr Steve ‘am I human or am I’ Dancer (Killers lyrics for those interested) on his moving on to pastures new recently.

    One last note before I sign off, we have noticed an orange reisin on the nearside skirt of all new vehicles – any clues to where this is coming from??????

    Many thanks

    Steve MacDonald


    From the Desk of Steve Ellam who runs thru the new Bank holidays EEC directive


    Thursday, 02 April 2009

    To all Drivers, who work on Bank Holidays.

    Under the terms of the new Working Time Directive, all drivers have to take a minimum of 4 weeks paid holiday per year, they now also have to have 8 Bank Holidays off.

    This means in layman’s terms.

    A driver with the basic 4 weeks holiday per year, can work the Bank Holiday but for SINGLE TIME ONLY

    They must accrue a Lieu Day (which then has to be taken in the current holiday year i.e. before the end of March)


    A Driver with 22 days holiday can Work 2 Bank Holidays at Double Pay, if they work any more than 2 they must accrue a lieu days for these.

    I hope this is clear, if you have any questions please contact me for clarification.

    Steve Ellam

    Senior Duty Manager

    High Wycombe saver tickets


    Wato hits the headlines in  Arriva  Now

    My thanks to Arriva Now! for allowing us to reproduce this article


    See Full article in your copy of Arriva Now available from the drivers rest room.


    The Aylesbury Road safety group

    A Road Safety commitee has now been setup to tackle the many issues regarding our operations in and around Aylesbury

    Members of the commitee are Trevor Dixon Gynn Carnell and Stu Robertson




    Five for a Fiver returns for April

    Don’t be
    a fool this April
    Using the bus helps reduce congestion and pollution – some
    journeys are better by bus. “Smart people make smart choices – go and explore!”
    Listen to Mix 96 and Mix 107 for your chance to win family tickets for the bus and entry
    to local attractions.

    For further information
    call 0844 800 44 11
    or visit www.arrivabus.co.uk or
    * Calls provided by BT will be charged at 10p per minute at all times.
    Mobile and other providers’ charges may vary.

    “Get out and about this April -catch the bus”Board any Arriva bus in
    Buckinghamshire during April and  up to five people (maximum of 2
    adults) can travel for just £5 with the Arriva 5 for a £iver Go Anywhere day ticket.
    We’ve suggested just a few of the many places of interest you may wish to visit.
    High Wycombe to Amersham 52/62
    Old Amersham
    Aylesbury line 300
    Beaconsfield 74
    Bekonscot Model Village
    Cookham 37
    River Thames
    Great Missenden 45
    Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre
    Henley-on-Thames 800/850
    River Thames
    Hughenden line 300
    Hughenden Manor (NT)
    Marlow 800/850
    River Thames
    West Wycombe line 40
    Hell Fire Caves (NT)

    Ticket must be purchased on a journey commencing in Buckinghamshire.

    Ticket gives one day’s travel for up to 2 adults and 3 children.
    (NT) indicates a National Trust property, entry not included in ticket price.

    Aylesbury to Buckingham line 60
    Chantry Chapel (NT)
    Hemel Hempstead line 500
    Marlowes Shopping Centre
    High Wycombe line 300
    Eden Shopping Centre
    Hughenden line 300
    Hughenden Manor (NT)
    Ivinghoe 61
    Pitstone Windmill (NT)
    Leighton Buzzard 150
    Narrow Gauge Railway
    Long Crendon 261
    Courthouse (NT)
    Oxford line 280
    Princes Risborough line 300
    Manor House (NT)
    Quainton 16
    Bucks Rail Centre
    Reading 800/850
    Waddesdon 16
    Waddesdon Manor (NT)
    Watford line 500
    Harlequin Shopping Centre
    Eating out

    “Get out and
    about this April –
    catch the bus”


    School contracts latest news


    The company has recently tendered for work under the new format which is being overseen by Bucks CC new management company Amey and is presently awaiting results

    STOP PRESS… the results should be known very shortly April 1st 2009


    Reunion 2

    Has been submitted to the Social club commitee for a decision on whether they are able to to host the event…It must be remembered that without the Social clubs support we would not be able to hold this event..


    AGM Social club



    The annual AGM meeting was  held on Sunday 29th March 2009..a brief summary will be posted later on possible over the weekend


    Hub latest


    The hub nears its completion and will be hopefully be operational by around April 18th 2009


    Click here  for the latest photos of the completed work so far


    Photo competition

    Closing date 25th April

    Anyone who has photos related to Arriva buses etc can enter them in the Arriva Photo Competition for full details on how to enter email photos@arriva.co.uk





    Roadworks Luton Airport

    Kimpton Road is the road which you enter when turning left by the Windmill PH and runs along the site of the Vauxhalls Works up to the the roundabout leading to the airport




    Hairdresser services Available

     Go to fullsize image

    See Barbara Smee Mob no. 07828548632

    Some sample prices


    Trim (Ladies and Men ) £5

    Re-Style £7

    Cut and blow dry £12

    Colour from £15




    Cash back Accident Plan


    The company has been approached regarding offering a cash back Accident plan to our employees.

    if you wish to know anymore details please contact Lynne Nappin


    The website or the company does not make any recommendations regarding this product and the employee is solely responsible for any contract with them



    That’s all Folks till next month

    Please remember that anyone can make contributions to this newsletter

    Contact Les Ansell