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    New stops now operational out side Brookes University

    B5  Oxford Bound ( first one of the two )

    B2 Aylesbury Bound  ( first one of the two )


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    This website recommends this charity whom our own Chris Mandley is the UK contact

    For further information click on link below






    Elpis Orphanage Foundation (Zimbabwe) UK

    "Giving Children back their Childhood"



    About Us

    Site Map

    Contact Us

    News Letter and Fund Rais

    Elpis Orphanage Foundation (Zimbabwe) UK

    Elpis Foundation Centres

    Elpis: Our Mission is to work with community leaders and community based carers to identify the needy in our midst, with emphasis on orphans and vulnerable children, not forgetting widows, with a view to assist them in their day to day needs as well as spiritual, emotional and psycosocial support. To break the cycle of poverty that will encourage them to become



    This is a community based intervention programme for psychosocial support and care to orphans and children made vulnerable due to HIVAIDS in Bulawayo urban and Esigodini urban and rural areas,

    EFC has a good following in the suburbs of Nketa, Nkulumane and Cowdry Park, while in Esigodini urban, has a good following in Habane township, while the rural Esigodini enjoys good relations with the people in Esikhoveni and Mawabeni.

    Our vision

    EFC Has a vision that every child deserves the promise of a good future.  Every child deserves to be provided with a safe environment,adequate nourishment, shelter and health services.  Every child deserves a sound education  and a supportive family system. 

    Elpis Orphanage Foundation, Zimbabwe UK, Elpis Foundation Centres All rights reserved

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    Click below for photos courtesy of Mick Perrin

    June Dance Nite photos

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    The funeral arrangements for Charmaine Tucker daughter of Dave and Carol Tucker

    Monday 15th June  2009 at 2pm

    Service to be held at New Mill Chapel, New Road, New Mill, Near Tring. Herts with the burial at Tring Cemetery afterwards

    Church cross by Mundoo.

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    Arriva Aylesbury Website www.arriva-shires.co.uk


    The longest running source of information regarding the Arriva Aylesbury garage, and has been reporting News and events since 2005

    Website addresses http://arriva-shires.co.uk/ and


    Email address ansellsweb@googlemail.com

    Check on site for weekly updates…you can submit your own News as well

    Breaking news get in early for you free breakfast at the depot on  June 2nd 2009   0530 till late morning

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Stuart on our  behalf for taking up all our points raised and doing his best to make our days a little better and less stressful….Thanks Stuart

    Responses by Steve MacDonald to Questions

    recently posed to your Road Safety Representative


    There is not enough running time for certain services running around the Aylesbury Hub, i.e. 50,300, and 500. Why can’t we be given more time?


    A lot of changes have occurred with the re-routing of certain services since this point was raised. With regard to Service 50 and 61 – recent observations suggest OK – so no change.



    I have difficulty turning my bus at Haddenham Church End in the afternoon because of cars being parked to pick up children from school. Also a certain person parks her car at Haddenham Railway Stn in the evening and this prevents me from turning my bus. Why can’t something be done about this?


    a) We will contact Bucks CC & the School & raise concerns.

    b) We will approach Chiltern Railways & raise concerns.

    It must be appreciated that a lot of car drivers take no notice of the inconvenience that they cause to others when they park outside schools, in bus stops, on double yellow lines etc. Sadly, it is a nationwide problem that isn’t going to go away.



    The new cycle lanes on Stoke Road are too wide?


    The cycle lane is there for a purpose and as professionals we should respect this and its users, showing professionalism and courtesy. However if the cycle lane is empty we can straddle it.



    Why do certain drivers of our buses treat the cab space as if it is one big trash can?


    It is simply due to a lack of respect. It isn’t ‘their’ vehicle and therefore they do not care. This disrespect is towards the vehicle, the company and other drivers. In addition to this it can present a real danger if rubbish becomes lodged under a brake peddle. So please take your rubbish with you when you leave the bus.



    Why can’t Princes Risborough High Street be made one way?


    We are currently in discussion with Princes Risborough Town Council re one-way. We have to consider current road markings, bus priority and running times.



    Why can’t something be done about the congestion at the Garage in the morning?


    We accept that the yard is busy and overcrowded and we also try and consider car parking and engineering movements. However we are working alongside the Duty Managers and Cleaners to remove this issue. But we can help each other by offering assistance and guidance to each other.

    This is currently being looked at by the RSG.



    At the Fountain Stop at Steeple Claydon there are always cars parked. Why can’t double yellow lines be painted on the road, or bus stop boxes be marked out?


    The concern is with residents needing to park their cars, we will contact Bucks CC for help.



    Why can’t we have proper walkways painted between parked buses at the Garage?


    See previous answer to Q6.

    This is currently being looked at by the RSG.



    It’s always a problem to get out of Cambridge St at the junction with Upper Hundreds. Can’t they put box markings down to assist us to get out?


    We will refer this suggestion to Bucks CC.



    The Whipsnade Stop in Dunstable is dangerous due to the fact that you have to cross lanes and it is situated on a double roundabout. Why can’t it be repositioned?


    The Deputy Risk Manager will visit this site to assess the situation.



    The canal bridge at New Mill is completely blind and needs traffic control. How about having traffic lights installed?


    We will approach Herts CC. RSG to undertake Risk Assessment and issue guidance.



    When we have to travel between the Bus Stn and Garage our Duty Board states we have to drive either Van1 or Van2. Can something be displayed on these two identical vehicles to make it easier to tell which is which?


    Yes, it will be arranged for boards to be in place on van dashboards. When bus used blind will state 1 or 2.



    Can something be done about the excessive speed of vehicles along Friarage Rd?


    No is the simple answer. However the traffic lights to Station Boulevard should help.



    When long term road works take place why can’t extra time be built into the timetable?


    Very impractical. However Duty Managers can try and make provision for known delays. The paperwork needed would be massive.



    Why can’t something be done about pedestrians wandering about at the passenger exit to the Bus Stn?


    Bucks CC were approached before work began. The RSG continue to campaign this concern.



    Should I continue to drive a bus that is showing a flashing or continuous amber warning light?


    Contact Engineers for advice and follow their instructions.



    I find it very frustrating that when the duty board details me to leave a bus at the Bus Stn for the next service I can’t because another bus is occupying the bay. Why can’t something be done about this?


    All we can do is offer to monitor this further. Specific issues should be raised with Duty Managers or RSG.



    Although the tunnel at the Bus Stn has been painted it is difficult to see vehicles approaching from the rear because of the darkened environment. This applies to the 2 and 4 services. Why can’t signs be erected to tell car drivers to turn their lights on?


    Acknowledged this is a good idea, however enforcing isn’t our procedure. All we can do is educate drivers to exercise extra care when pulling away from these specific bus stops.



    I think that the two bus stops on the Gyratory that the 4 and 300 services use are dangerous and should be taken out use?


    All bus stops carry the potential to be dangerous, however stops are positioned to suit our customers and we must prepare for these and use our skill in observations, signalling and manoeuvring for entrance, position and exit.



    I wear my ‘Hi-Viz’ vest, why shouldn’t everybody else?


    It is simple. The Company policy is that all persons wear Hi-Viz vests.

    To make us wear them steps and measures are being taken to tackle thi
    s issue.

    Basically, ‘Hi-Viz’ vests must be worn by all Arriva personnel when moving about in bus manoeuvring areas at all times. This includes Aylesbury Garage and Aylesbury Bus Station. In the event of a breakdown, accident, etc when a driver needs to alight from their vehicle they are required to put on their ‘Hi-Viz’ vest as a further safety precaution. ‘Hi-Viz’ vests are not to be worn when driving in service.



    The bus stop at Chiltern St outward bound on the 4 service is dangerous and should be taken out of service?


    We understand this issue and therefore are going to make a hotspot campaign to assist in correct procedures.



    Buses parked on the wall opposite Bays 1, 2 and 3 cause such a problem when trying to reverse. Can’t we have this stopped?


    This is currently being looked at by the RSG.



    Why can’t something be done about the illegal car parking in Britannia St?


    We can’t, it is ignorance on the part of car drivers. Unfortunately there is no respect for road markings or enforcement.



    Turning left from Exchange St into the High St is a nightmare because there is not enough width to have three lanes entering the roundabout. Can’t we have something done about this?


    We will approach Bucks CC about this concern.



    Central refuges have been constructed on the road leading to the Watermead Roundabout. As the bus now has to be taken very close to the nearside kerb isn’t there a danger that overhanging trees may cause damage to double deck buses?


    We have checked the route with an Oxford Volvo and at present there is no problem. We will need to keep an eye on future foliage growth.



    Where are all the Parking Wardens when we need them?


    There are only so many Parking Wardens and they can not be everywhere at once. Stuart Robinson has taken on the role as liaison between Arriva and the Parking Warden Team. Hopefully, this will lead to greater assistance with the problems of illegal parking.



    The right hand corner at the top of the High St which leads into Britannia St is a constant problem area with vehicles that illegally park on the corner in the loading bay. This makes it so difficult to safely get around this turn. Why can’t the pavement be extended out to stop vehicles being abandoned there?


    We will approach Bucks County Council to see if something can be done about this problem.

    Stuart Robinson

    Road Safety Group

    Aylesbury Garage

    18 May 2009


    Latest Road Safety group notice




    Staff Meeting – 30th April 2009

    Questions and Answers

    Issues were raised regarding the difficulty to serve correctly Stoke Mandeville Hospital because of the parking situation.

    Steve MacDonald (SM) assured people that this was being looked into, together with Bucks CC to eliminate the problem. Progress will be reported. SM also told the meet that the company now had a direct contact for grounds staff to help alleviate any issues.

    On a similar issue, service 500 Cassisbury Drive/ Waterhouse Street, parking issues were raised. Nick Knox (NK) stated this situation would be looked at by our colleagues at Hemel.

    Staying with parking, Aylesbury High Street was raised as a concern. SM stated the ARSG were actively looking at this hot spot.

    Various issues were raised regarding timing concerns, especially:

    Service 4 – 6 minutes to Coppice. SM agreed to monitor service and retime with Trevor Dixon (TD).

    Service 50 – no time for HUB. SM stated that a solution was being trialled with the 280 potentially serving the hub on departure, so the 50 could be removed. However, it was pointed out that upon observations there were cases of early running.

    Service 61 – no time for HUB. SM specific journeys would be monitored through real time, but the service was due a review.

    Staying with service 61, concerns was raised re: Eddlesboro school and the congestion when both inbound and outbound services clash. SM stated this issue would be raised with Neil Roughton (NR).

    Can the cashtray be repositioned on the DAFs’. Russell Cato (RC) agreed to meet with Winston Williams to try and find a solution.

    Concerns were raised regarding warning lights on the new vehicles, especially 3919. RC stated he believed the engineers were on top of such issues, however t
    his vehicle may return to Coventry.

    Scania cab windows rattling caused concern. RC stated he was talking to PCV Glass to find a universal cab window that could be fitted to solve this issue. Progress to be posted.

    An obstruction prevents viewing of the nearside mirror on 3919, RC to investigate.

    5439 was raised regarding problems selecting reverse. RC to investigate.

    A general concern was raised regarding the lack of power and wear of engines with the ex 280 vehicles. Relating to the same vehicles, it was asked if the assault screens could be looked at due to the scratches. RC said considerable work had taken place with 5160 which would help identify issues/ patterns with these. RC stated a programme was in place to remove/ replace the screens. Progress to be posted.

    Issues were raised regarding the priority for pelican crossings and the delay to service. SM stated he had been approached by Bucks CC re concerns with Exchange Street and the matter had been passed to their traffic management team.

    It was highlighted that there was no hot water in the ladies toilet at Smeaton close. RC to investigate immediately. SM and NK told everyone that a cap-ex bid had been entered to move the drivers room into the main building.

    Issues were raised re: cash machine. NK stated approval was awaited for a replacement machine.

    Concerns were raised re: the drains smelling. RC stated he was aware and had a contractor coming out in the near future to assess the situation.

    Concerns were raised regarding the state and effectiveness regarding the current notice boards. With this it was highlighted that several people were unaware of this meeting. Sue Broniki volunteered to take charge of the notice boards.

    Concerns were raised regarding drivers hours, the use of drivers hours and what was taught within the training school. SM stated those concerned would be posted literature immediately and that the company would look to running a Drivers Hours Workshop in the near future. NK would investigate the claim re: training.



    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to present the new Road Safety Act 2006 to you all.I am also taking the opportunity to tell you how you can keep to the right side of it.Those of you awake will have picked up the date and realised that its now 2009.

    The dates are correct but VOSA have only now agreed with ministers that they will operate the scheme.

    Its been on the cards since 2006 but only now becoming actual law.


    Opportunity for an informal meeting with your Manager

    I would like to take this opportunity to offer you the chance to attend an informal meeting with me, on a one to one basis for half an hour or so, over the coming weeks.

    I stress that this invitation is voluntary although it will give you an informal and off the record opportunity to discuss any key issues directly with me. These issues may relate to the Company, your work place, or maybe specific to you, your job or perhaps future opportunities within Arriva.

    I do hope that you will give this offer careful consideration as I would value the opportunity to sit down with you and hear some of your more specific views (be they good or bad!) regarding the ways in which we can improve issues at our work place.

     Steve MacDonald

    Depot Manager



    Social Club News update

    Author: admin



    Fishing Match

    Author: admin


    Family Night on June 13th 2009




    Latest news regarding the New Asda at Stoke Mandeville Hospital



    Changes made to the Proposal

    • Changes have been made to the design of the store building to create a more appealing frontage on all sides. The store entrance has been relocated to the right hand side of the car park frontage and additional glazing and canopies have been added. Sustainable timber cladding has been introduced on all sides, in particular to the front and side elevations to create an attractive feature.
    • There has been an increase in the overall level of landscaping within and around the site. This includes the introduction of a larger number of trees to the perimeter and within the car park, and to traffic islands and the roundabout at Entrance 3 to the hospital. More mature trees will be used in the most visible locations to provide immediate visual impact.
    • Car parking provision at the store has been developed in line with wider plans for improved parking facilities for hospital staff and visitors on the hospital site itself. ASDA will use a charging system with costs in line with those of the hospital but with a maximum stay of 2 hours to deter hospital visitors and patients from parking in the store car park.
    • To improve overall pedestrian safety in the area a controlled (Puffin) crossing will be introduced across Lower Road, south of Kynaston Avenue and formal crossing points will be added within the hospital site itself.
    • The footpath alongside Lower Road has been widened to provide a full length cycle path between Entrance 3 and Entrance 4 and a new bus stop is planned on Lower Road in addition to the stops already serving the site.
    • Alterations will be made to both Entrance 3 and Entrance 4 of the hospital as well as to the Churchill Avenue roundabout to improve highway safety, facilitate the movement of vehicles within the site and mitigate any potential for increased traffic in the area.
    • At Entrance 4 a traffic island will be introduced and the junction made no right turn for vehicles travelling in the Aylesbury direction
    • The roundabouts at Entrance 3 and Churchill Avenue will benefit from the addition of a southbound lane between them and the inclusion of wider lanes at their entrances and exits on Lower Road to enhance the flow of traffic at peak times.

    Proposed Layout Close Up - Click here to view full size image| Proposed Layout Views - Click on each image to view the full size image

    © Co
    pyright ASDA 2009

    ASDA saving you money every day


     Route 61 diversion



    see notice board for full details and map


    Reminder to driving Staff


    License check commences w/c June 1st . please make sure you carry you license at all times this is a legal requirement

    Also drivers are expected to wear the company uniform which has been issued to them …any shortages should be advised to management with out delay

    Any driving staff turning up for duty without the proper uniform can be expected to be interviewed on the reasons for not complying with the company uniform policy


    Have fun,drive carefully, I will be back in July