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    A fine example of how to clear a road of  overhanging trees and vegetation

    Well done….. Route 300 next !!!  please

    photos taken between flying Fox P.H. roundabout and Heath & Reach

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    HEAVY snow will hit Buckinghamshire again next week with temperatures plummeting as low as minus six degrees Celsius, a forecaster has warned.

    Jim Dale, a senior risk meteorologist at High Wycombe based British Weather Services, said there could be as much as seven to ten days of ice and snow, as the current mild conditions quickly disappear.

    Initially there will be hard overnight frosts at the beginning of the week, with a noticeable drop in temperature on Sunday or Monday.

    Mr Dale said: “At the moment we are expecting snow showers in the Eastern counties, not us to begin with, but London, East Anglia and so on.

    “As the week progresses particularly as we go towards next weekend we are expecting the return of significant snow for this area.

    "We are looking at much colder regime of weather so winter is not finished with is yet.”

    He said it was important for commuters to be prepared to de-ice their cars and watch out for worsening road conditions.

    "The country can again expect disruption to it’s infrastructure, especially travel, with widespread school closures and possible power outages likely to add to the overall misery,” Mr Dale said.

    The return of the cold snap would add further weight to the case that the Met Office’s mild winter predictions were “completely and utterly bogus”, he added.

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    ‘Amfibus’ gets tryout on the Clyde


    On the road the amfibus operates like a standard coach, but its chassis incorporates a hull, allowing the vehicle to float


    James Bond might think it old hat, but a vehicle that can travel across both roads and water is proving to be something of a licence to thrill for Brian Souter, the boss of Stagecoach.

    The £700,000 “amfibus”, borrowed by Stagecoach from a Dutch company that plans to operate five of them around Rotterdam, begins tests next week as a possible replacement for the Clyde ferry in Glasgow.

    Based on a bus chassis, the amfibus incorporates a hull to allow the vehicle to float.

    On the roads, it operates like a standard coach, but in the water it is driven by twin water jets and can reach up to 8 knots.

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    An excited Mr Souter said: “Passengers can use the amfibus to travel over road and water without having to leave the comfort of their seat to change from a bus to a ferry.

    “It shows the potential of Scotland’s rivers and estuaries to be links rather than barriers to travel.”

    Stagecoach’s larger-than-life founder and chief executive might well be excited by it all, but for him it will not be a hands-on project.

    Mr Souter, who has a PSV licence and has been known to drive Stagecoach’s buses, would not be able to drive the amfibus until he has a boatman’s licence.

    A Dutch driver has been recruited for next week’s trial.