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    Courtesy of Bucks CC


    May changes


    3rd May 2010

    51 – On a Mission 
    Aylesbury – Prebendal Farm – Southcourt – Stoke Mandeville Hospital 
    New service calling every 30 minutes Monday to Friday.

    10th May 2010

    Silverrider 1 – Z & S International 
    Aylesbury – Fairford Leys 
    This service which is currently contracted to Buckinghamshire County Council will be become a commercially run service by Z & S International. The route, timetable and fares will remain the same.

    Greenroute 4 – Arriva the Shires 
    The Coppice – Aylesbury – Walton Court 
    Timing changes to late afternoon and evening journeys.

    Redroute 9 – Arriva the Shires 
    Bedgrove – Aylesbury – Stoke Mandeville Hospital 
    Timing changes. This service will no longer call at Station Boulevard from the Hospital.

    Line 60  – Arriva the Shires 
    Aylesbury – Winslow – Buckingham 
    Minor timing changes throughout Monday to Saturday.

    61 – Arriva the Shires 
    Aylesbury – Tring – Dunstable – Luton 
    Minor timing changes throughout Monday to Saturday. 1555 journey from Aylesbury will run via Lalleford road in Luton.

    305 – Carousel Buses 
    Beaconsfield – Seer Green – The Chalfonts – Gerrards Cross – Uxbridge 
    This service will now be fully operated by Carousel Buses. Timing changes will occur throughout the service. On Monday to Friday certain journeys from Beaconsfield will extend to Uxbridge, with the last two terminating at Gerrards Cross. Two extra journeys will run on Saturday between Beaconsfield and Uxbridge. The last two journeys from Gerrards Cross on Monday to Friday (last one from Uxbridge on Saturdays) will terminate at High Wycombe.

    327 – Chiltern Rambler Community Action Dacorum 
    Hemel Hempstead – Berkhamsted – Luton – Whipsnade Zoo – Tring – Hemel Hempstead 
    This Summer Sundays only service, will start again on 30th May finishing on 26th September. Previously ran by Centrebus this will now be operated by Community Action Dacorum the timetable has changed with the bus now leaving Hemel Hempstead in the morning at 0920.

    Line 500 – Arriva the Shires 
    Aylesbury – Tring – Hemel Hempstead – Watford 
    Timing changes throughout the service Monday to Saturday. Except one return Monday to Friday peak journey this will no longer call at Cow Lane in Tring. Monday to Friday peak time journeys will also call at the Cassio Campus in Watford.

    583 – Redline Buses 
    Hedgerley – Slough – Wexham Park – Langley – Iver – Uxbridge 
    This Monday to Saturday service will now be run by Redline Buses. Some timing and route changes will be made to journeys on Monday to Friday. The Saturday service will remain unchanged.

    For more information call 0845 2302882 or email tfb@buckscc.gov.uk

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    Bus Service Change from 25th April 2010 including new timetables

    Arriva (Previously MK Metro) have been carrying out a detailed review of their commercial local bus services in Milton Keynes and will be introducing the new network on 25 April 2010.
    It is intended that the end result will be a more effective bus network for the borough with improved early morning and evening services to/from Central Rail Station, improved frequencies on the main services, improved frequencies on Sundays, and consistent routes for services across the day. Arriva and Milton Keynes Council have been working together to ensure that there is consistency, as far as possible, between the subsidised and commercial services.
    Please see the tables below to download the timetables, travel guides and maps for the new routes. Please click route number or blue description to download.

    Individual Timetables For Download

    Route Description
    Valid From

    Central Milton Keynes – Newport Pagnell – Olney – Bedford

    Newton Longville – Bletchley – Central Milton Keynes – Newport Pagnell

    Westcroft – Kingsmead – Central Milton Keynes – Willen – Newport Pagnell

    Bradville – Oldbrook – Central Milton Keynes – Kingston – Woburn Sands

    Two Mile Ash [4] / Shenley Church End [4A] – Central Milton Keynes – Bletchley

    Wolverton – Bradville [5A] – Stony Stratford [5] – Central Milton Keynes – Bletchley – Lakes Estate

    Bletchley – Central Milton Keynes – Wolverton – Greenleys

    Bletchley [8] – Walnut Tree – Central Milton Keynes – Westcroft

    Central Milton Keynes – Bletchley – Woburn Sands – Kingston

    Open University – Fyfield Barrow

    Bletchley / Heelands – Central Milton Keynes – Great Linford / Bletchley

    Central Milton Keynes – Hospital – Furzton – Bletchley

    Central Milton Keynes – Wolverton – Hanslope – Roade – Northampton

    Lakes Estate – Bletchley – Central Milton Keynes – Stony Stratford – Wolverton

    Central Milton Keynes – Ampthill – Flitwick

    Travel guide and bus maps to download

    A5 Guide
    A5 Milton Keynes Travel Guide

    A4 Guide
    A4 Milton Keynes Travel Guide

    Urban Map
    Urban Bus Map

    Rural Map
    Rural Bus Map

    CMK Map
    CMK Boarding Point Map

    For all other routes and current timetables please goto Current bus information including timetables
    See below for information of the new and the current routes that will be affected:

    Revised route and timetable replacing part of the old 7 and 17B.

    Route revised and timetable to operate via Brickhill Street.

    Withdrawn and replaced in part by routes 2 and 5/5A.

    New route from Bradville to Woburn Sands via CMK, OU and Kingston.

    Withdrawn and replaced in part by routes 4A, 7/7A and 8.

    Revised timetable and revised route north of CMK. No longer serves Stony Stratford.

    Withdrawn and replaced by routes 4/4A.

    Revised route and timetable. 5E withdrawn and replaced by routes 5/5A.

    Withdrawn and replaced in part by routes 3, 7/7A and 29.

    Revised route and timetable. No longer serves St Ledger Drive.

    Revised route and timetable. No longer serves Woburn Sands.

    Withdrawn and replaced in part by revised route 18.

    Withdrawn and replaced in part by routes 3, 5/5A, 7/7A and 8/8A.

    Withdrawn and replaced in part by routes 5 and 7/7A.

    Withdrawn and replaced by route 24/25 and revised 29.

    Withdrawn and replace by journeys on route 1 and 24/25.

    Revised route and timetable replacing section of route 11.

    Revised route and timetable.

    Withdrawn and replaced by routes 8/8A and 24/25.

    New route replacing part of the old 6 and 7/7A.

    New route replacing part of the old 7, 17B, 20/21, 25 and 26.

    Withdrawn and replaced in part by routes 7/7A and route 8.

    Withdrawn and replaced by new route 29 with revised route and timetable.

    Revised timetable.

    Withdrawn and replaced in part by route 4/4A.

    Revised route and timetable.

    Revised timetable.

    New route and timetable.

    Revised timetable

    Routes withdrawn

    To find out more detailed journey information contact Traveline public transport info on 0871 200 22 33 or visit Traveline Journey Planner or www.arrivabus.co.uk/mkstar/

    Milton Keynes Council Transport Home Page Home Page

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    All services will operate AS NORMAL until 12:00

    The last departures from the bus station will be 12:15  300 to High Wycombe

             12:10  50 to Halton Camp

             12:15  150 to Leighton Buzzard

    AFTER THIS TIME THE BUS STATION IS CLOSED AND NO AVAILABLE ACCESS – it will remain closed until Sunday am.

    We propose the following:

    Service 4        will be suspended.

    Service 2       will operate from Haydon Hill to SMH (like the old service 9), but via Gatehouse Road. The Loading point for T/C to Hayden Hill will be Gatehouse Rd at Big Hand Mo’s roundabout.

    Service 9       will be split:

    As above there will be a linked service between Haydon Hill and SMH. Service 9 to SMH will load at the TA centre on the Oxford Road.

    Service 9       to and from Bedgrove will operate a 30 minute shuttle service from Tesco store on Tring Road.

    Service 16      will operate via Gatehouse Road and terminate at Big Hand Mo’s.

    Service 60      will operate via Elmhurst Road, Gatehouse Road and terminate at Big Hand Mo’s.

    Service 280     will terminate and begin from the TA centre on the Oxford Road.

    Service 500     will terminate and start from Tesco, Tring Rd

    Service 61      will terminate and start from Tesco, Tring Road

    Service 50      will terminate and start from The Gyratory

    Service 300     will terminate and start from The Gyratory

    Service 100/ 150        will terminate and start from The Weavers public House Bierton Rd/ Cambridge Street.

    We hope to have supervisory staff at all 4 points and the depot.

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    Frogmoor Traffic Lights High Wycombe

    With immediate effect please approach the bus lane traffic lights

    under the railway bridge at the end of Frogmoor slowly to give the

    new reader time to scan your bus.

    If you approach to quickly the reader will not scan and the

    traffic lights will not change from red.

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    Walton Street, the section between Market Square and Friarage Road only, will be closed on Sunday 25th April from 1300 to 1700 for a St.George’s Day parade.

    Thus service 2 will be unable to stop in Great Western Street and therefore all arrivals on service 9 and departures on service 2 during this time will need to use Bay 11 inside the Bus Station instead.

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    Date for your Diary’s



    There will be a staff meeting at the Railway Club on Thursday 6th May 2010.

    This will be an opportunity for you to ask any questions to the Depot Manager, Union, Engineering and Head of Operations West.

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    The latest phase of the public transport hub in Aylesbury was recently completed. This phase sees a change to priorities for traffic on Walton Street.

    From 12th April a contra-flow cycle has been in operation allowing cyclists to enter Walton Street from the roundabout of Exchange Street by the Waterside Theatre and then travel against the flow of general traffic to the shared space area outside the Travel Information Centre.

    Please be aware of these changes and to expect cyclists travelling towards you on this section of the road. The new cycle lane is marked in green.

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    It’s that time of year again when we will be taking orders for your annual shoe issue.

    We are using the same suppliers as last year. All styles will be non slip to comply with the company Health & Safety policy, but this time will not have the steel toe caps so should make for a lighter and more comfortable wear.

    These shoes tend to come up larger than most peoples normal shoe size, so please check before ordering, as we had to exchange a lot of orders last year for one size smaller. (Please look at the ones you have now for your correct size).

    Attached is an order form which I would be grateful if you could complete and return to me by 7th May 2010. Please place in Silver Tin.

    The female drivers may order from the list attached but there is an alternative style being trialled at Luton at the moment which is much lighter and less clumpy.

    We are hoping to have details of this shortly – it will either be a slip on or lace up style.

    Any queries please see me. Thanks

    Lynne Nappin

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    We are aware that a small number of staff members have been delayed returning to work from their holiday as a result of flight disruption caused by the Volcano in Iceland.

    I take this opportunity to clarify that staff that are unfortunately unable to attend work as a result of the current flight delays have the option of:

    • Taking annual leave
    • Taking unpaid leave

    Employees affected by this should liaise with their line managers.

    Paul Adcock

    Area Managing Director