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    Our thanks to Glynn Carnell and Russell Cato for all the assistance in providing this item

    Glacier Mains Fed

    Mains Fed / Point of Use Water Cooler

    The GLACIER water cooler comes in both HOT & COLD and COOK and COLD models. It has efficient and effective time-tested heating and cooling systems – the external heater band to avoid lime scale and mineralization and a robust Compression chiller.

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    Union branch members of Arriva Aylesbury

    SE/450 Branch

    union cards

    Your new membership cards should start dropping thru your letterboxes this forth coming week

    please let the Branch Secretary ( Les Ansell ) Know as soon as you received them


    Thanks Les Ansell

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    True or False? Scottish notes aren’t legal tender
    Legal Tender – Facts & Fiction

    From the end of next month the old style Edward Elgar £20 note will be withdrawn from circulation, meaning you can’t use it, though you can trade it in at a bank. Yet what is, and isn’t, acceptable is oft-shrouded in mist – mainly because the term ‘legal tender’ is pretty spectacularly misunderstood.

    • Are Scottish bank notes legal tender? No, not even in Scotland, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be used. It simply means most people don’t understand what legal tender is (see below). Bank of England notes are only legal tender in England and Wales, meaning there are no legal tender notes in Scotland at all. 
    • What is legal tender? It simply means if you have a court order against you for money, the person you owe cannot turn down your settlement if you offer to pay by legal tender.
    • Trivia time – Is 22p of 2ps legal tender? No but 18p is. For pub quiz use only, be aware that with coins the amount counts. So you can settle court debts of up to 20p in 1ps and 2ps; up to £5 in 5ps & 10ps and up to £10 in 20ps & 50ps. However, £1 & £2 coins are legal tender to any amount – in England, Scotland, Wales & NI.
    • What if a shop refuses your cash? There’s little you can do, shops don’t have to sell you goods, whatever you offer for payment.

    Let me finish with a quick word to English shopkeepersplease do accept Scottish and Northern Irish notes. While not legal tender, they are UK Parliament approved legal currency, which makes them a perfectly acceptable way to pay. Discuss: Legal Tender

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    Courtesy of the OBCP




    07.00 – 23.00

    Frogmoor will be closed to buses for the entire day and Services 31 & 300 will need to divert via Arch Way in both directions.

    Services inbound from Hughenden Road will not serve Temple End.

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    I thank Bob Rutland for this rare glimpse in the past of Aylesbury’s Buses and Staff



    Can you name them we think it is Stan ? , Thomas  Rutland and  Stan Frost



    Can you name any from this picture


    Can you name any from this picture

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    Due to road resurfacing in Chalkshire Road, service 300 will be unable to serve Butlers cross and Ellesborough areas all day on Friday 14th May.

    Between Terrick Crossroads and Great Kimble, buses will run via the A4010 and Little Kimble Station.

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    On Saturday and Sunday 15th and 16th May, Tring Road in Dunstable will be closed west of the junction with Whipsnade Road for road resurfacing.

    Thus on Saturday 15th May, service 61 will be required to divert.

    Buses from Aylesbury on reaching the Travellers Rest roundabout should proceed straight ahead, then turn right at the next roundabout, about a mile further on, into Dagnall Road, The take the next left signposted for Whipsnade, up the steep hill and past the Zoo [look out for the penguins, wallabies and American Bison!]. Carry on through Whipsnade until reaching a roundabout. Turn left at this roundabout and carry on over Dunstable Downs for about two miles. At the next roundabout turn right and back onto the normal route.

    Buses from Luton proceed as usual along West Street in Dunstable, turning left at the second mini-roundabout after the Cemetery, into Whipsnade Road. Carry on over Dunstable Downs for about two miles until reaching a roundabout – turn right at the roundabout and through Whipsnade, past the Zoo and down the steep hill. At the bottom turn right and then left at the roundabout. Carry straight on over the next roundabouts at the Travellers Rest and back on normal route. Driver should make sure they wait time at Ivinghoe if required.

    Therefore through buses on service 61 will not serve Edlesborough, Eaton Bray or Totternhoe. Bedfordshire Central council have agreed to pay for a special bus to  perform a service for these villages  through to Dunstable from 0800 until 1800 – on an hourly basis with one two hour gap for a meal break. The timetable is attached. Note it operates in a one-way loop picking up towards Dunstable as normal [except at Totternhoe Church end it will need to pick up in Church Road at the junction with Castle Hill Road] but the dropping off in the order it picks up, i.e. Edlesborough first with Totternhoe last.

    Note that from these villages there is no service towards Aylesbury except by changing at Dunstable.

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    On Monday 17th May and Tuesday 18th May, Coombe Lane, between Hughenden Valley and Naphill will be closed during the middle of the day for road resurfacing.

    Service 300 during these times will be unable to serve the section of route after High Wycombe Bus Station through to Walters Ash, Bradenham Woods.

    From High Wycombe – all departures from 0913 until 1640 to divert

    From Aylesbury -  all departures from 0849 until 1620 to divert

    Diversion coming from Aylesbury is normal route through to Walters Ash then right into Bradenham Woods Lane, left at the bottom onto the A4010; bear left at the mini roundabout in West Wycombe onto the A40 and straight on into High Wycombe Town Centre, turning right at the bus only right turn from Oxford Road into Bridge Street and the Bus Station.

    Diversion from High Wycombe – turn right out of Bus station, then left into A40 Oxford Road – carry straight on until reaching mini-roundabout at West Wycombe Pedestal – here bear right onto the A4010. Carry straight on for about two miles and turn right into Bradenham Woods Lane, immediately after Red Lion pub [if it is still called that!]. At top of this road turn left and back onto normal route in Walters Ash.

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    On Sunday 16th May, Oxford High Street and Magdalen Bridge will be closed between 0830 until 1230 due to a charity fun run.

    Buses on service 280 – 0820 ex Thame; 0830, 0930, 1030 ex Aylesbury and 0910, 1000, 1100, 1200 ex Oxford will thus need to divert.

    Towards Oxford: normal route to The Plain roundabout then 2nd exit into Iffley Road, then right into Donnington Bridge Road, straight ahead into Weirs Lane, right into Abingdon Road and left into Speedwell Street and normal route.

    From Oxford Rail Station – normal route to New Road, the right into Castle Street, follow road through into Old Greyfriars Street and into Speedwell Street, right into Abingdon Road, left into Weirs Lane, ahead Donnington Bridge Road, left into Iffley Road to the Plain roundabout and then right into St Clements and normal route.

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    Arriva services in Blue

    Others in Red

    Bay 1

    Route 16-17  Quainton –Westcott – Claydon – Bicester

    Bay 2

    Route 61-61A Luton

    Route 500 Watford

    Bay 3

    Route 7- Buckingham Park

    Route 153-154-161

    Route 111-112

    Bay 4

    Walton Court Route 4

    Route 9 Stoke Mandeville hospital

    Bay 5

    Route 9 Bedgrove

    Bay 6

    Water Rider

    Route 7 – Lavric Road

    Bay 7

    Route 300 High Wycombe

    Route 321

    Route 60 Buckingham ( Sunday Only)

    Route 165

    Bay 8

    Route 50 Halton Camp

    Route 110 Thame – Worminghall

    Bay 9

    Silver rider

    Bay 10

    Route 60 Buckingham

    Route 51

    Route 164

    Bay 11

    Route 100 Milton Keynes

    Route 150 Milton Keynes

    Route 280 Oxford

    All tunnel services remain the same


    Service 2 Haydon Hill – Quarrendon

    Route 3


    Route 4 Coppice

    Route 5