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Diversion On Route 4 and 9

Friday, May 28th, 2010



We have a number of diversions coming up for services 4 and 9 during June as follows:

Tuesday 8th June for one day – Hannon Road in Walton Court will be closed.

Service 4 as normal from Town to Hawkslade and the junction of Anton Way and Ellen Road, then at the roundabout to turn right into Ellen Road and left into Churchill Avenue to Church Square and normal route.

Service 9 from Town to Church Square then ahead along Churchill Avenue, right into Ellen Road to the junction of Ellen Road and Anton Way then left into Anton Way and normal route.

Service 9 from Stoke Hospital as normal through Hawkslade and then right at the junction of Anton Way and Ellen Road, along Ellen Road and left into Churchill Avenue to Church Square and normal route.

Picture 1

Friday 11th June for 1 day – Longmeadow in Bedgrove is closed.

Service 9 buses to divert by carrying on along Camborne Avenue [not turning into Cam Mead] and then circumnavigating the roundabout with Wendover Road and back along Camborne Avenue, observing a temporary stop outside the petrol station by the Cam Mead junction, into Bedgrove and normal route.

Stoke Mandeville Hospital

Saturday 12th June for 1 day at Stoke Mandeville Hospital

entrance 4 entry lane and the road past the Ambulance Station bus stop is closed for re-surfacing. Buses will need to enter and leave the hospital via Entrance 4 as there will be no way through past the Eye Clinic to entrance 3. The single lane entry and exit at entrance 4 will be controlled by temporary traffic lights. Being a Saturday hopefully delays will not be to extensive but DMs need to monitor this and if necessary curtail the service to terminate at the roundabout by entrance 3. Bus stops at the Eye Clinic and Ambulance Station will not be served.

Saturday 19th June for 1 day at Stoke Mandeville Hospital –

the other lane at entrance 4 is to be resurfaced and again access via the Eye Clinic and entrance 3 will not be possible and the two bus stops again unserved. Temporary traffic lights will again be used to control entry and exit at Entrance 4.

Saturday 26th June for 1 day at Stoke Mandeville Hospital – the section past the Eye Clinic will be resurfaced so all buses will need to enter and exit via Entrance 4 and the bus stop at the Eye Clinic will be unserved.


Friday, May 28th, 2010

Heath and Reach Village Pump @ Chris Valatine 2008



Woburn Road in Heath & Reach will be closed between 0900 and 1530 for re-surfacing on Wednesday 2nd June. This time it is the section between the A5 roundabout and Brickhill Road – so the main part of the road through Heath & Reach will be open but we will be unable to serve it due to a lack of alternative routeings.

Service 150 will therefore be diverted between these hours [0915 to 1415 ex aylesbury & 0850 to 1408 ex Milton Keynes inclusive] via Eastern Way and the A5 – the same diversion as operated a few weeks back when another part of H&R was closed.

Thus the stops in Heath & reach, particularly the main stops at the Shops in Birds Hill will not be served during these times.

CPC cards

Thursday, May 27th, 2010


All members of staff who have completed the first section of the CPC (attended course at the Luton Depot )

Can now collect your first of five cards, which you will need to complete the CPC training course

These must be carried at all times whilst driving a PCV vehicle as it form a part of your entitlement to drive

Please see Lynne Nappin for collection ASAP



Social Club Monthly Draws

Thursday, May 27th, 2010


March  2010

B Turnball

T Brown

M Comber

P Asekokhai

P Mckay

April 2010

J Gibb

M Patey

D Webb

M Conroy

J Gagnon

Carriage of Wheelchairs, Buggies and Cycles

Thursday, May 27th, 2010


Carriage of Wheelchairs,Buggies and Cycles

Subject to enough space being available and subject always to the

discretion of the driver, we will carry up to 2 buggies on buses that are

specially arranged with a low flat floor and designated areas for

buggies and wheelchairs. The driver has the discretion to require that

pushchairs are folded at busy times or if a customer wishes to board

Passengers should cooperate in allowing proper use of the designated

wheelchair space by vacating this space if required by

a passenger in a wheelchair. We cannot accommodate wheelchairs or

unfolded buggies on buses without these facilities. In addition, we do

not carry prams on any buses. Cycles are only carried on a limited

number of buses specifically modified for this purpose where safety

notices detailing the arrangements to be followed are clearly posted.

Tony Lawrence

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010
Just received more news…….That this is not Our Tony Lawrence but another who live on Bedgrove …who happens to have a wife called Diana as well

London Road, Headington

Thursday, May 20th, 2010


courtesy of


Due to the next phase of work in London Road, Headington, there will be temporary traffic lights all next week in the area of the subway which is being filled in and various works need part of the road closed off due to safety concerns with demolishing walls etc.

Delays expected!

Happy Days

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010


How many can you name

Water Cooler to be installed in Bus station

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

Our thanks to Glynn Carnell and Russell Cato for all the assistance in providing this item

Glacier Mains Fed

Mains Fed / Point of Use Water Cooler

The GLACIER water cooler comes in both HOT & COLD and COOK and COLD models. It has efficient and effective time-tested heating and cooling systems – the external heater band to avoid lime scale and mineralization and a robust Compression chiller.

Union Membership Cards

Saturday, May 15th, 2010


Union branch members of Arriva Aylesbury

SE/450 Branch

union cards

Your new membership cards should start dropping thru your letterboxes this forth coming week

please let the Branch Secretary ( Les Ansell ) Know as soon as you received them


Thanks Les Ansell

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