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    Due to repairs to the Old Gaol in Buckingham Town Centre, Market Hill will be closed EASTBOUND ONLY [i.e. in to Buckingham Bus Stand] from Sunday 1st to Sunday 15th August 2010 inclusive.

    Buses on services 18 and 60 towards Buckingham will run after the Tesco stops via right at the roundabout with the A421, along the A421 “Ring Road”, left at the next roundabout onto the A413, then left at the next roundabout onto the A422, Stratford Road and right into Buckingham Bus Stand.

    There is no change to route on leaving the bus stand.

    During the fortnight of this closure, any passengers travelling to Buckingham who require any of the stops not served, should be allowed to remain on the bus at Buckingham Bus Stand and alight on the way out of Buckingham as required without further charge or penalty.

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    Have your say over transport between 2011 and 2026


    Breaking News – Bus lane and Stop Closure to start earlier

    Now advanced to Friday 6th August!

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    road works in leicester

    Gas main replacement returns to Stone!

    From where they left off last time, at the Bishopstone Road junction [“the Crossroads”] through to the roundabout at St Johns Drive.

    From 9th August until 4th October.

    Two way single lane temporary lights control so delays expected!

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    Customers Wearing Veils

    (Burkas or Yashmaks)

    Many of you will be aware that proving the identity or age of customers who wear a veil has been very high profile in recent weeks.
    Across Arriva’s UK bus companies, the following revised policy should now please be adopted by all front line staff who deal with our customers:

    Any female customer wearing a Burka or Yashmak can hold a valid photo-card or bus pass that shows the face either covered or uncovered.

    Under no circumstances should a female customer be asked to uncover her face, or be refused travel, when holding a valid ticket with such a photo-card.

    Should customers board our services or make purchases at travel offices wearing a Burka or Yashmak, then please sell them the ticket they request to purchase, without insisting that they uncover their face to prove, for example, their age or identity for discounted travel.

    I take this opportunity to thank you for your co-operation in ensuring that this procedure is carried out during the course of your duties.


    Heath Williams

    Regional Managing Director

    20 July 2010

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    Please note the use of a temporary location for the main bus stop at Headington Shops, Oxford bound, will now commence from first bus on Friday morning, 23rd July until further notice [expected to be at least two weeks].

    The temporary bus stop will be the in the first lay-by after Stile Road before the main junction at Headington – note the second lay-by nearest the lights is for the coaches.

    Thus as it is before the current stop please make drivers aware!

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    The bus lane in Exchange Street, Aylesbury is to be suspended from Monday 9 August 2010 until further notice, possibly 2/3 months.  This is to allow for carriageway widening, utility diversions, and the construction of a new pedestrian crossing.

    During this closure the three eastbound bus stops will also be suspended with passengers advised to catch their buses from the bus station or the High Street..

    There will also be 20 night closures from 2000 to 0600 when services will need to divert away from Exchange Street.  Dates for the night closures will be advised when known.

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    P Carter

    T Brown

    B Turnball

    K Tibbatts

    M Carpenter


    L Ansell

    J Duncalf

    C McCormack

    W Williams

    N Oliver

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    From Monday 19th July for a couple of weeks or so, the bus stop going TOWARDS Oxford at Headington Shops is to be closed whilst that part of the area is refurbished/modernised . A temporary stop is to be sited before the crossroads, just after the supermarket, between Stile Road and Holyoake Road, using proper bus stop poles and flags so our driver s need to be vigilant on approaching the area to see what is happening.

    One thing to note is that just past our temporary stop is another new stop – but this is for the coach service sand is there new permanent stop as in future when the work is completed they will have their own stops at Headington

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