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    Friday 29th April  Royal wedding – Sunday service

    Saturday 30th April  Normal Saturday

    Sunday 1st May Normal Sunday Service

    Monday 2nd May Sunday service

    Tuesday 3rd May Back to normal Monday – Friday services


    Just a re-cap on what is closed this weekend.

    150 service unable to serve Little Brickhill after 1400 on Friday due to RW
    Street party. To use normal trunk road instead going to Milton Keynes.
    However, normal route coming away from Milton Keynes.

    280 service Magdalen Bridge in Oxford will be closed until 0900 on Sunday 1st
    May. This will affect only the first bus TO Oxford [701 duty] which will
    need to divert via Iffley Road, Donnington Bridge and Abingdon Road and
    therefore miss the High Street. However as bus is due there at 0850 road
    might be open and certainly should be for return journeys at 0910 from
    Rail Station.

     Leighton Buzzard High Street all day on Monday 2nd May – 150 to use
    West Street and observe temporary stops along there. High Street may
    also become impassable later on Sunday afternoon as stalls for Monday
    are set up.

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    For all those who worked at Red Rover and Keith coaches and Keith garages

    Chris Day passed away today Easter Sunday 24 April 2011

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    Major changes to bus services 15 May 2011

    Following a major review of local bus routes across Buckinghamshire, many services will be changing from 15th May 2011. These changes will mostly affect evening and Sunday services. Please see the pdf at the bottom of this page to check if your bus service is affected.

    If your service has ‘Awaiting Confirmed Timetable’ next to it then the final details will appear on this page in the next two weeks. Services detailed as ‘No Change Registered’ will not be changing in May or in the immediate future to our knowledge.

    Full timetables for all the affected services will be available on the Bus Timetables pages by 20 April 2011.

    Link for full details of service changes

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     Shoe Man will be here at the depot on Monday 18th April

    With samples of the new shoes for the 2011 issue.  These shoes are different from the last issue and will have to be tried on before ordering- the samples will then be left here Tuesday and Wednesday so that those who don’t have a chance on Monday can try on Tuesday and Wednesday before submitting the orders

    Lynne Nappin

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    Disabled Pass holders & Companions

    As you will be aware, some Disabled pass holders have the right to have a companion travel with them free of charge as part of their bus pass conditions.

    However, having the companion with them is not compulsory and we have received contact from one council about people being refused travel because they have a Disabled Pass with Companion but don’t have someone travelling with them at that time.

    We are not to refuse travel to anyone carrying a valid Disabled pass. If you are suspicious that they should not be entitled to have a companion travel for free, please take their details and ask your Depot Manager to contact the relevant authority.

    Thank you

    April 2011

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    Due to incorrect website information  we would like to announce that Five for a fiver is

    not currently available for the month of April

    Why not visit

    To find other offers which we have available


    Five for a fiver content header

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    High Voltage Cable Diversion – Monday 23 May until Sunday 12 June 2011

    Due to work to allow the diversion of a high voltage cable, a section of the footpath and the bus lane in Exchange Street (opposite the theatre) will be closed between 23 May and 12 June.

    As it will be difficult for passengers to access any of the three stops, and although the bus lane is only affected for five days of this closure, we will close all three stops for the full period of this closure.  Passengers will be advised to use the stops in the bus station or the high street as appropriate.

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    Oxford Railway Station (Exterior view)


    On Monday 14th April, tree cutting will be carried out at Oxford Rail
    Station forecourt.

    This will affect the 280 stand and stop for part of the day although
    disruption is aimed to be kept to a minimum.

    Therefore drivers will need to be extra vigilant and may need at times
    to layover and pick up elsewhere within the forecourt so should be
    flexible in their time at the Station and allow time for intending
    passengers to locate the bus if parked at a place other than the usual
    280 stop.


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