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    Wednesday evening this week [22 Feb] after 2100,

    Patching works on Magdalen Bridge, Oxford.

    Minor delays expected


    Stop/Go boards will be used to control the traffic.

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    The road closure on the road between Shabbington and the a418 affecting many journeys on service 110 on Monday 20th & Tuesday 21st February has now been revised to just Tuesday 21st February.

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    high wycombe network map

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    aylesbury network map

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    Courtesy of Transportforbucks.net


    Citizen card

    Young people’s concessionary travel scheme
    If you are a resident of Buckinghamshire aged 16 or 17 you’re able to take advantage of discounted bus travel with the Make More Citizen Card. The proof of age card entitles you to travel on buses for £1 single trip.

    From 20th February this scheme is changing. Single fares will now be £1.20 with certain journeys going up to £1.50. Journeys travelling outside of Buckinghamshire will no longer be discounted.

    This is the first increase to fares since the start of this scheme in May 2007. The decision reflects the need to manage a limited budget whilst still providing an accessible discount scheme for 16 and 17 year olds.

    In addition to reduced bus fares, card holders can now benefit from a range of other discounts through the Lealta Discount Scheme saving them money at participating shops. To find out how to claim please go to www.citizencard.com/cclealta 

    To benefit from this scheme, please fill in the application form below and return to your school or college office.   If your Make More Citizen Card is lost or stolen, please fill in the Replacement Card application form at the bottom of this page and return to your school, college or to the above address.

    Discounted bus travel

    • Your citizen card MUST have the Bucks County Council logo on the front and be shown to the bus driver when you buy your ticket.
    • The offer starts after 9am weekdays and all day at weekends.
    • Journeys within the Arriva’s Aylesbury, Wycombe inner and outer zones and Carousel Buses’ zones 1, 2 and 3 will be £1.20.  See published zone area’s for more details
    • Single journeys starting/finishing or crossing into/out of the Arriva Aylesbury or Wycombe outer zones or Carousel’s zone 3 will be £1.50.  
    • The bus journey must operate wholly within Buckinghamshire.
    • The scheme is available on most bus services operated by Arriva, Carousel and routes contracted by Transport for Buckinghamshire.

    A map showing the Arriva zones can be found in related files below. More information about Carousel’s zones can be found at http://www.carouselbuses.com/fares.html

    For more information email tfb@buckscc.gov.uk or call 08453 70 80 90

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    Please note new stops installed for service 16 [& 613] at Berryfields on the main road.

    At present there is a lack of hard standing at the stops, this will shortly be improved by the Berryfields developers

    Look out for intending customers

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    Further to previous messages (on 3rd, 6th and 25th January), we are now
    advised that the closure of the roads through Tilsworth and Stanbridge
    will take place between Thursday (16th) and Saturday (18th February)
    this week.

    Service 70,  will be diverted as previously advised via the A505 and will omit both villages.
    The closures are between 0800hrs and 1800hrs on each of the three days.

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    9th February 2012

    Dear Pupils and Parents:

    Re: Arriva Bus services to and from Waddesdon School

    We are aware that both pupils and parents have experienced travel difficulties and concerns further to the recent changes to services 16, 613 and 300.

    Although we are of the opinion that given time the changes could have worked, but because of the number of concerns we have directly or indirectly received we have decided to take some actions to assist pupils getting to school.

    From Monday 20th February 2012 we will reinstate the 613 to its old operating timetable both to and from the school, remaining on its current route around Haddenham but returning through Fairford Leys.

    On the same day we will reintroduce the second service 16 vehicle to and from the school. However, we must stress that both service 16’s will depart Aylesbury Bus Station at its scheduled timetabled departing time of -07:50. Under no circumstances will this departure be delayed, as this can have a detrimental effect to our Operating Licence and business.

    The service 300 will not be altered, because significant work has been undertaken to improve the overall reliability of this service, throughout the operating day, with a view to improving the service to all users, following concerns of reliability since September.

    This service does not directly serve or affect the School or is in the catchment area, whereas the 613 and 16 have a direct impact on the school.

    These arrangements will remain in place until the end of the academic year, unless demand reduces and we have agreed to discuss the arrangements for the following academic year with the school.

    We hope that these actions are a help to the majority of pupils and parents and you continue to use and support our services.

    Yours sincerely

    Steve MacDonald

    Depot Manager

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    Due to road repairs by Oxfordshire CC, the road between Shabbington and the A418 at North Weston, will be closed for two days on Monday and Tuesday 20th & 21st February, badly affecting service 110. Journeys that use this road will need instead to divert at ShabbingtonVillage to operate via Long Crendon towards Thame and from Thame will need to divert via Long Crendon – in both cases by the “other” route 110 between Thame and Shabbington.

    Due to the length of the diversion the following alterations will be made for the two days:-

    0642 from Cuddington – to run 10 minutes earlier throughout

    0727 from Worminghall – to run 10 minutes earlier between Worminghall and Thame

    0912, 1121 from Worminghall will operate late, up to 15 minutes or so

    1020, 120 from Aylesbury will operate late, up to 15 minutes or so

    1321 ex Worminghall will operate up to 20 minutes late but will not serve Thame – on reaching Carters Lane via the diversion, will then run directly back to Aylesbury.

    1420 ex Aylesbury – will run only to Thame – not to Worminghall on Monday

    1552 ex Grange School will run as normal but late arriving at Worminghall via the diversion so will then be late running back to Aylesbury.

    The 0720 ex Aylesbury and 1505/1555 ex Lord Williams will run as normal.

    The drivers on the morning peak and morning daytime bus until 1415 will be giving out leaflets to passengers over the next few days telling them of these arrangements.

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    TEL 0844 800 4411



    Arriva the Shires

    Customer Services

    Arriva the Shires and Essex




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