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    Please park in the allocated spaces and between the white lines

    Do not park on any yellow mark areas

    Such AS by the  steam cleaning ramp and bicycle shed

    Please observe all marked speed limits and use the correct entrances

    Please use painted walkways wherever possible

    Hopefully the new marked layout will be a benefit to all concerned


    Thank You

    Engineering manager

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    To allow for resurfacing work of the lay-by, the bus stop at the Village Hall, Stone (Aylesbury bound) will be suspended on Thursday 9 & Friday 10 February 2012.

    A temporary stop will be sited on the first lamppost after the lay-by, by the gate into the field.

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    Leap Year Causes Wrong Expiry Dates On Tickets

    Due to a software fault with the Wayfarer 3 ticket machines some 4 Weekly tickets issued on Thursday 2nd February 2012 have an expiry date of:

    00 March 12

    Similarly, some Weekly tickets issued on the Wayfarer 3 ticket machine on Wed 23rd February 2012 will also have the expiry date 00 March 12.

    Drivers are advised that tickets with the above expiry date should be accepted for travel up to and including the 29th February 12.

    Tickets issued from the Wayfarer Prestige ticket machines at Ware are not affected.

    Ben Pearson


    Revenue System Support