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    9th February 2012

    Dear Pupils and Parents:

    Re: Arriva Bus services to and from Waddesdon School

    We are aware that both pupils and parents have experienced travel difficulties and concerns further to the recent changes to services 16, 613 and 300.

    Although we are of the opinion that given time the changes could have worked, but because of the number of concerns we have directly or indirectly received we have decided to take some actions to assist pupils getting to school.

    From Monday 20th February 2012 we will reinstate the 613 to its old operating timetable both to and from the school, remaining on its current route around Haddenham but returning through Fairford Leys.

    On the same day we will reintroduce the second service 16 vehicle to and from the school. However, we must stress that both service 16’s will depart Aylesbury Bus Station at its scheduled timetabled departing time of -07:50. Under no circumstances will this departure be delayed, as this can have a detrimental effect to our Operating Licence and business.

    The service 300 will not be altered, because significant work has been undertaken to improve the overall reliability of this service, throughout the operating day, with a view to improving the service to all users, following concerns of reliability since September.

    This service does not directly serve or affect the School or is in the catchment area, whereas the 613 and 16 have a direct impact on the school.

    These arrangements will remain in place until the end of the academic year, unless demand reduces and we have agreed to discuss the arrangements for the following academic year with the school.

    We hope that these actions are a help to the majority of pupils and parents and you continue to use and support our services.

    Yours sincerely

    Steve MacDonald

    Depot Manager