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    A massive thanks to all the Staff who gave up their time to help out with this years Chiltern 3 Peak Challenge


    WELL DONE !!!!

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    WE are moving to R5

    street view of new stop

    From Sunday 30th September the set down, layover and picking up stop within Oxford Rail Station Forecourt for our services 200 and 280 will no longer be stop R4.

    We will now be using stop R5. This is the first stop you come to in the middle lane [before the sightseeing tour bus stop].

    Please note that we will be sharing this stop with Stagecoach Oxford service S3, and that buses must pull up right to the front of the buss top bay, i.e. at the start of the ramp up for the pedestrian crossing, to allow a second bus to use the bay if required.

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    The evening roadworks in Chesham have now been revised, again, as follows:-

    Monday evening 24 September: the evening 55 will need to turn at the mini-roundabout at the junction of St.Mary’s Way, Red Lion Street and Watermeadow, standing and picking up time at the bus stop in Red Lion Street.

    Tuesday evening 25 September to Friday evening 28 September: the evening 55 will need to turn at the bottom of Amersham Hill at the roundabout with Moor Lane and then stand and pick up time at the temporary stop sited at the bottom of Amersham Hill.

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    Arriva image

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    W Torc

    T Hamilton

    A Gilbert

    D Taylor

    S Gatton



    T Cottle

    S Evans

    C Bailey

    W Williams

    B Caswell

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    This closure, now expected to last 8 days from 13 to 27 September [!!!], is in BOTH directions, so will be even more disruptive than thought last night.

    Note the afternoon school journey will need to serve Buckingham School and the Chandos stop [for royal Latin School] so will have to turn via Bourton Road and Bourtonville and omit Buckingham Town Centre completely.

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    From 1900 until 0600 on Friday & Saturday 14 & 15 September, the A41 in Aylesbury will be closed between Tring Road / Bedgrove roundabout and the Weston Road roundabout in Aston Clinton. The ACX by-pass will also be closed from College Roadjunctions through to its end in Aylesbury.

    The Aylesbury-bound 500’s and 61’s after 1900 will therefore need to run from Aston Clinton via Weston Road, Weston Turville, Stoke Mandeville, Wendover Road and Bedgrove to return to normal route at Tring Road / Bedgrove roundabout.

    The outbound evening 61 will run as normal to Bedgrove but then via Camborne Avenue, Wendover Road, Stoke Mandeville, Weston Turville, Weston Road to re-join normal route in Aston Clinton.

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    Further to my post of last month concerning the closure of access to Towersey village for one day on 3rd September for electricity supply works; it appears the work was cancelled for a second time without any notice!

    The work will now be carried out on Tuesday 25th September so services [except the 123] will be unable to serve Towersey village at all on that day. The 123 should operate up Thame Road almost to the village centre and then reverse turn intoWindmill Road.

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    Monday 24th & Tuesday 25th September, Chesham Broadway will be closed overnight from 1900 until 0600 so service 55 will need to terminate at the roundabout of the junction of Red Lion Street and St.Mary’s Way and Watermeadow.

    However there is also a possibility that red Lion Street will be closed at the same time for re-surfacing – if this is the case then the 55 will need to terminate at the roundabout at the bottom of Amersham hill as you enter Chesham – by Moor Lane. It is said a temporary stop will be placed just after turning at the roundabout where the bus can wait for time.