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    Please note the Oxford Road Bus Lane in Aylesbury will be closed for re-surfacing between Coldharbour Way and Fowler Road junction for one night on Monday 17th September between 1900 and 0600.

    Thus the 280 towards Aylesbury at this times will need to use the normal public roads and miss the bus stop at Pearson Close.

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    Please note that Old Amersham Broadway area will be closed all day on Wednesday 19 September and Thursday 20 September for the Amersham Chatter Fair.

    Service 55 will be unable to serve Amersham Hospital on both these days and will need instead to run via Amersham by-pass and Gore Hill instead. Buses must observe the Gore Hill bus stops in both directions and await scheduled departure time at both as the diversion is shorter then the normal route.

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    The annual Thame Fair will take place from 19th until 23rd September and services 40, 110, 120, 123, 124, 200 and 280 will be on diversion.

    The closure times are from 16:00 on Wednesday 19th September until midday on Sunday 23rd September.

    Service 40 will need to divert off of East street along wellington Street and turn right into North Street, circumnavigating the roundabout by the police station, back along North Street and left into Wellington Street to stand and pick up. Then departing via Wellington Street and back into East Street and as normal.

    Service 110 will need to enter Thame from Long Crendon via the Thame by-pass then left into Oxford Road and into the High Street to set down, pick up at the bus stop by the Museum, departing via Bell Lane back to Aylesbury Road and then as normal from the “CPM” roundabout. The afternoon journey from Lord Williams Lower should use the Thame By-pass then Aylesbury Road, Bell Lane, High Street [observing stop by the Old Thatch], Oxford Road to Lord Williams Upper and as normal

    Services 120, 123 and 124 should run via High Street, Bell Lane, North Street and Wellington Street to East Street and vice-versa. Main stops will be at High Street by the Museum or Old Thatch but bus should also observe the temporary stop in Wellington Street if required.

    Services 200 and 280 should use Aylesbury Road, Bell Lane and High Street, observing main stops at Old Thatch towardsOxford and Museum towards Aylesbury.

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    Aylesbury Road in Wendover will be closed overnight, from 1900 until 0600 on Thursday and Friday evenings, 20 and 21 September.

    The evening service 55 round trip will need to miss out Wendover completely and run via the Wendover by-pass.

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    Princes Risborough High Street will be closed for roadworks from 1900 until 0600 for 3 nights – Wednesday 26 September until Friday 28 September.

    Service 300 will need to use New Road and observe the “part-time” buss tops on that road during the closure times.

    First buses to divert will be the 1845 ex Aylesbury and the 1845 ex High Wycombe.

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    Frogmoor in High Wycombe will be closed for 3 days in connection with water supply installation works.

    Closure on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 26, 27 28 September.

    Service 300 to run via Glenisters Road and Archway, [not via Temple End!] so last stop before Eden Bus Station will be Beaconsfield Arms and first stop after Eden Bus Station will be Morrisons.

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    Silbury Boulevard will be closed for Olympic Celebrations on Sunday 29th September between 100 and 1500.

    Service 150 on departing MK Shops will need to turn left as usual into Secklow Gate but then continue straight ahead and at the first roundabout turn left into Portway and then carry straight on until reaching the normal route. No bus stops will be missed.

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    I suggest we divert the 60 towards Buckingham/Maids Moreton via the by-pass and Stratford Road as that is the signed diversion so easiest for our drivers.

    However the 0730 ex Aylesbury will need to run via the normal route to Buckingham School and then down the hill and turn right opposite the Chandos into Bourton Road and then follow this road through to the by-pass and then as above.

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    Watch out for your uniform questionnaire, which will be in your lockers as from today


    Please complete  and return via the Silver Tin in the driver’s room. 


    Thanks Lynne

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    Chesham Broadway and St.Mary’s Way [the ring road] will be closed from 19:00 until 06:00 for re-surfacing from the evening of Thursday 6th September through to the evening of Monday 17th September excluding Saturday & Sunday nights.

    Thus the evening 55 journey will need to terminate in Red Lion Street and turn around using the mini roundabout at the junction of Red Lion Street/St.Mary’s Way and Watermeadow and then pick up time at the first buss top in Red Lion Street. This roundabout is quite tight so only a short bus should be used [scheduled for a Solo on AY26].