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    Bus services in Milton Keynes 2010

                                                                                                                                                     Arriva/MK Metro are currently carrying out a review of their commercial local bus services in Milton Keynes.

    The review is intended to provide a more effective bus network for the city   Arriva’s main objectives are

    • To improve the frequency on some core routes
    • Standardise the routes on evening and weekend journeys to match the daytime journeys
    • Offer an improved provision of service on Sundays
    • Improve the connections with the rail station before 08.00 and after 18.00
    • Offer an improved frequency on buses between CMK and Central rail station aiming to have a bus every 2-3 minutes.

    Arriva/MK Metro and Platinum MK bus for contentMilton Keynes Council are working together on MK Star project because of the potential impact on the services that MKC subsidise.

    It is intended that the new network will be implemented during April 2010.

    Any enquiries at this stage should be directed to Arriva Customer Services on 0844 800 4411.

    More detailed information will be available in early February.


    Welcome to platinum MK

    Welcome to platinum MK

    Milton Keynes Council logo

    Link to Milton Keynes Council transport homepage


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