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    For our last week of operation into Bicester, the Bus Station in Bure Place will be closed long term for re-development from Monday 30 January 2012.

    Buses on services 16 and 18 will now use stop C in Market Square. Buses now run along Manorsfield road and at the end turn left into Market Square and circumnavigate this Square then turning right back into Manorsfield Road. I have a map if anyone wants to check it, but unfortunately although indicating the bus stops, it doesn’t label them, however a poster says service 18 is observing stop C, whichever that is, and presumably service 16 is as well! I would assume that stop C will be the third one which would mean it is on the south side of Market Square.

    The notice states that due to the volume of buses using the Square, layover cannot be taken there. Service 18 has a long layover in the morning so this may not be possible – if this is so then I would suggest Bicester North Station is used

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