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    Due to road repairs by Oxfordshire CC, the road between Shabbington and the A418 at North Weston, will be closed for two days on Monday and Tuesday 20th & 21st February, badly affecting service 110. Journeys that use this road will need instead to divert at ShabbingtonVillage to operate via Long Crendon towards Thame and from Thame will need to divert via Long Crendon – in both cases by the “other” route 110 between Thame and Shabbington.

    Due to the length of the diversion the following alterations will be made for the two days:-

    0642 from Cuddington – to run 10 minutes earlier throughout

    0727 from Worminghall – to run 10 minutes earlier between Worminghall and Thame

    0912, 1121 from Worminghall will operate late, up to 15 minutes or so

    1020, 120 from Aylesbury will operate late, up to 15 minutes or so

    1321 ex Worminghall will operate up to 20 minutes late but will not serve Thame – on reaching Carters Lane via the diversion, will then run directly back to Aylesbury.

    1420 ex Aylesbury – will run only to Thame – not to Worminghall on Monday

    1552 ex Grange School will run as normal but late arriving at Worminghall via the diversion so will then be late running back to Aylesbury.

    The 0720 ex Aylesbury and 1505/1555 ex Lord Williams will run as normal.

    The drivers on the morning peak and morning daytime bus until 1415 will be giving out leaflets to passengers over the next few days telling them of these arrangements.

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