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    Service 300 will be affected by works to repair a collapsed sewer in Hughenden Road, High Wycombe at the junction with Coates Lane and Green Hill. Work will commence on Saturday 31st March and is expected to last for between 7 and 14 days.

    The access at the junction to Coates Lane and to Green Hill will be closed off to try and ease the inevitable delays as traffic on Hughenden Road will be controlled by temporary traffic lights.

    Both bus stops adjacent to the junction will be closed off and temporary stops cited beyond the junction in the direction of travel; i.e. towards Aylesbury the bus stop will be on the lamp post outside house number 321 further towards Hughenden Manor and towards High Wycombe will be on the lamppost opposite house number 175 further towards the town centre.   

    As above it is anticipated there will be delays to this already congested main road.

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