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The new station building
The building is around 150m2 floor area and will
have a number of facilities within it:-
• A café serving hot and cold drinks and snacks
will be within the building with a seating area and
toilet facilties.
• As well as a ticket office passengers will be able
to use the fast ticket machines.
• Real Time Passenger Information – up to date
arrival/departure information – for both train and
bus services will be provided within the station
building and also at the park and ride shelters.
• Staff facilities – changing facilities as well as a
canteen will be provided within the building for
the use of drivers and other staff.
• The lighting in the car park is likely to be
illuminated 24 hours a day for security purposes
for those passengers undertaking longer journeys.
To allow passenger trains to service Aylesbury
Vale Parkway, the existing railway line needs to be
upgraded both in terms of the track itself and also
the signals which control the trains. Approximately 2
miles of existing sectioned track will be removed and
replaced with continuous welded track. This creates a
smooth track and will ensure that the noise generated
by both passenger and freight trains as they run along
the track is kept to a minimum.
The existing railway line is currently used by freight
trains with up to 8 single journeys per weekday, 5 on
Saturdays and 2 on Sundays although not all of these
journey slots are currently used. Once the proposed
station is open,
the freight usage
of the railway line
will remain largely
It is intended that trains will travel South from
Aylesbury Vale Parkway 3 times per hour at peak
time and once an hour at off peak times on
weekdays and Saturdays and Sundays.
The line speed will increase from the existing
30mph to 60mph for passenger trains with freight
trains remaining at a 30mph speed limit.
The platform at AVP will be capable of holding a 7
car train and will have a shelter and seating.
The journey time from Aylesbury to Aylesbury Vale
Parkway will be 31?2 minutes.


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