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    On Monday 2nd, Tuesday 3rd & Wednesday 4th July, the road will be closed for resurfacing between the A413 in Whitchurch and Oving Road, past the junction with North Marston Lane.

    As there is no suitable diversion for large vehicles, service 60 will have to run direct via the A413 from Whitchurch to Winslow, then at the main square turn left into Horn Street and right into Burleys Road and normal route. On return all journeys buses should leave Buckingham 4 minutes later than timetabled and maintain this up to and including Winslow, Vicarage Road; then from Burleys road turn left into Horn Street and right onto the A413 through to Whitchurch. If still early at Whitchurch buses should endeavour to maintain normal time from rejoining the normal route.

    Obviously this will leave Granborough, North Marston, Oving and the Ash Grove Gardens area of Whitchurch without a bus service for 3 days!

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