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    Please note that as next week is a “mixed” week in regards to school holiday duties [Monday & Tuesday 3rd & 4th] and schoolday duties [Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 5th, 6th & 7th] in order to simplify introduction of the new ticket machines they have only been programmed with schoolday duties.

    Therefore any driver on Monday & Tuesday operating a school holiday duty, i.e. a duty in the 8** series, or 911 & 914 at Leighton Buzzard should enter the duty number on the ticket machine as it would be for a schoolday, i.e. with out the “8” [or 901/904 at LB].  Thus a driver on for example 831 duty would only enter a duty number of 31 on the ticket machine.

    On a couple of duties this may cause a discrepancy where an additional journey or different service numbered journey is operated so on these odd journeys driver entered fares maybe necessary.

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