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    For those who can remember back to the seventies

    Many Westcott workers use Aylesbury Buses to get to and from Westcott




    Subject: Westcott. RAF Memorial & Gate Guardian

    Today the ABCT unveiled their memorial to the Westcott RAF airfield. It was jointly unveiled by John Bercow MP and Kenneth Bannerman of the ABCT.

    We estimate around 100 people attended including representatives from the Royal British Legion, the New Zealand High Commission, the RAF, Westcott Parish Council and 20+ children from Westcott C of E School. Unfortunately we didn’t get a Spitfire flypast as the weather between where he took off and us was too bad. I’ve only attached one picture at this time as believe it or not I didn’t take many stills. (Just HD video).

    The other item we have installed is a gate guardian. In recognition of the long association Westcott has with rocket propulsion. The decommissioned Thunderbird is/has attracted a lot of attention even if it lacks its four Gosling boosters. A big thank you to John Harlow who helped locate it.

    For those that are coming next week to the get-together and who haven’t seen it yet, it’s just visible from Westcott High Street on the way down to the social club from the A41


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