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    High Wycombe, service 300 – from start of service until 13:30 – omit Temple End, Frogmoor and Oxford Street both to and from High Wycombe Bus station – last stop before Eden at Beaconsfield Arms; first stop after Eden will be at Morrisons.

    Princes Risborough, service 300 – High Street closed from start of service until 1130 – useNew Road and temporary buss tops in that road. Closure notice also says Horns Lane and Bell Street but I doubt this as this is the “through road” so is possibly just a short closure whilst parade passes through and if this is the case then any bus will need to just sit and wait.

    Kimble, service 300 – 1115 and 1200 road closed Buses will need to sit and wait or divert via low bridge at Clanking, Smokey Row and through to Longwick & rejoin route at Princes Risborough Tesco. 

    Naphill, service 300 – road closed between 1510 & 1540: the 1505 ex Aylesbury can sit and wait as due at 1539; the 1505 ex High Wycombe to divert via West Wycombe Road, Bradenham and Bradenham Woods Lane. 

    Stone, service 280 – A418 by war memorial closed 0950 to 1010 – first bus back from Oxfordto sit and wait if road still closed; bus from Aylesbury should get through before road closed.

    No other closures in other districts notified for 280 or for 150.

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