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    Station Square

    Courtesy of James Smith information Bureau

    MK Council have finally released their proposals for the redevelopment of Station Square in Central Milton Keynes.

    Anyone that has had the misfortune to travel over the current road surface of pot holes and loose brickwork will know it’s been a long time coming.

    There are two options that the Council have whittled their ideas down to, Which there is an image of each below.

    Option 1


    Key points:

    * Plant trees to extend boulevard effect
    * Uses proportions of CMK grid
    * Reduces pedestrian/vehicular conflict
    * Clear views and routes to underpass
    * Transport located to sides of square

    Option 2


    * Plant trees to extend boulevard effect
    * Less focus on proportions of CMK grid
    * Reduces pedestrian / vehicular conflict
    * Clear views / routes to underpass
    * Less land given over to transport purposes than option 1
    * Reduced size of land used by current transport layout
    * Allows for two large grass areas

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