Lower Ninth Street in Central Milton Keynes will be closed between Avebury Boulevard and Midsummer Boulevard in this direction only between 11.00 and 12.30 on Monday 4th January, affecting our services 70, 150 & X60.

Services 70 and 150 from MK Rail Station should follow normal route along Midsummer Boulevard but at the traffic lights with Saxon Gate, turn left instead of right, then turn right into Silbury Boulevard and right into Secklow Gate, then left into Midsummer Boulevard and pick up at stop B3 by the Food Centre. Then at the end of Midsummer Boulevard do a U turn, back along Midsummer Boulevard and left onto normal route at Secklow Gate.

Service X60 should follow the same diversion as above on arrival, drop off at stop B3 and U turn at the end of Midsummer Boulevard to layover. Then U turn at the Secklow Gate junction to pick up at stop B3 and then depart as the 70 and 150 above into Secklow Gate and normal route.