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    The MK Marathon is being held this coming Sunday & Monday, 1st & 2nd May. This will affect service 150 – also affected by road closures in LB!

    Sunday 1st May:

    This a 5k run and will be over by the time the first 150 gets to MK so no affect for us.

    Monday 2nd May:

    Saxon Street from the junction with Bletcham Way through to the junction with Groveway is closed all day. Various other parts of Saxon Street are closed through to midday. Parts of Midsummer Boulevard, Avebury Boulevard and Silbury Boulevard are closed through to midday.

    Therefore the service 150 journeys at 09.00 & 10.00 ex Aylesbury and the 10.20 & 11.20 ex MK Rail Station should operate direct via Bletcham Way and Grafton Street in both directions between the Bletcham Way/Saxon Street roundabout and MK Rail Station, thus not serving the shops.

    The rest of the service 150 journeys that day, from Aylesbury will be normal to Bletcham Way/Saxon Street roundabout, then straight ahead into Bletcham Way Street right at the roundabout into Grafton Street, 3rd exit at the next roundabout into Groveway, then first exit at the next roundabout into Saxon Way and normal route to MK Shops & Rail Station. On return from MK the reverse of the outward diversion  so along Saxon Street and then at Ashland Roundabout the 3rd exit onto Groveway, 2nd exit at next roundabout onto Grafton Street, 1st exit at next roundabout onto Bletcham Way, straight across at next roundabout [2nd exit] onto Bletcham Way and normal route.

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