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    Banks Road in Haddenham will be shut for 5 nights from 19:00 onwards from Tuesday 1st November through to Friday 4th November and Monday th November. 

    Service 280 will be required to divert as follows. From Aylesbury, normal route to Haddenham, Woodways, then at the “pond crossroads, turn left into Churchway down to the green by the church and turn right into Station Road, through to Thame Road and turn RIGHT back to Haddenham & Thame Station forecourt then normal route towards Oxford. Coming from Oxford, normal route to Haddenham & Thame Station, then back along Thame Road towards Thame, turn left into Station Road, then left at the green into Church way and then right into Woodways & normal route to Aylesbury.


    Journeys affected:


    From Aylesbury, the 19:00 departure onwards through to last bus


    From Oxford, the 17:56 departure inwards through to last bus.


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