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The longest running source of information regarding the Arriva Aylesbury garage, and has been reporting News and events since 2005

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Final link of Aylesbury’s Transport Hub  is completed


Click here for more photos of the first day of operation

Swine Flu advice


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Updates from your Depot management


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Transfer tickets


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Reminder of guidelines regarding OAP concession tickets


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Proposed Layout of the New Asda

The store will be located at the southern end of the site, backing on to the ambulance station and facing Aylesbury town centre.

The store itself will be of modern design with an attractive, clean exterior that complements the new hospital buildings on the adjacent site.

In line with the needs of the area, great attention has been paid to pedestrian, cycle and public transport access to the store. Footpaths will be provided around the majority of the perimeter of the site, enabling pedestrian access from any point on Lower Road or from the hospital itself. Current bus stops on the hospital site are well located for the front of the store and bicycle parking will be provided adjacent to the store entrance. The site will have car parking for 186 cars, including the usual facilities for disabled and parent and child parking.

Proposed Layout Close Up - Click here to view full size image|

Improvements will be made to the existing junctions on Lower Road, to enhance traffic flow and increase highway safety, with customer vehicles directed via the northern roundabout and service vehicles arriving and leaving to the south. The existing link road to the east of the development will be realigned, with bus stops in both directions. The service yard to the rear of the store will be enclosed by a timber fence and will allow vehicle manoeuvres within its perimeter.

The new store will be constructed with an emphasis on sustainable materials, including a wide range of recycled elements. Through the use of a number of energy saving technologies, the new store will be a minimum of 25% more energy efficient than an ASDA store built in 2005.

The redevelopment of the site will, unfortunately, result in the loss of a number of existing trees. However, replanting and soft landscaping will be undertaken across the whole site and those adjacent, including the perimeter of the car park and service yard. This is in addition to plans already in place to plant along the main hospital access road.

New Asda website link

Shoes are now available for collection


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Please check your license


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From the desk of  Neil Roughton Aylesbury Depot

Nothing too much from me – the only thing of note is that service 71, a.k.a. the staff bus comes off after 3rd May.

A few changes then plus a bit of tinkering to try and improve operations and save money in these hard economic times………


Road safety Group update


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During the month of June Watford Depot have ongoing training days, for Watford based drivers, and therefore require.

4 drivers, 2 Days per week, for 4 weeks.

To cover services, in the Watford area.

Obviously you would need to go over prior to this, to route learn.

If you feel you would like a change of scenery, and wish to volunteer for this please contact, either S. Ellam or S. MacDonald for details


As reported in the OCBP 

It is most rewarding to receive the significant amount news and photographs which come across my desk each week and which help to make The OCBP what it has become, a well read, informative and excellent record of happenings bus wish through the Chilterns and Oxford. Although only in small print at the top of each issue, we are nearly at issue 500 since I took over from David Root with my first issue on 16th August 1998.

Webmaster note WELL DONE MALCOLM great website

Here is what the Editorial said in that first issue.

 A STOP PRESS Item is news of the arrival of six Volvo Olympians with Northern Counties Palatine II 68 seat coach seated double deck bodies for service 280 from Aylesbury to Oxford. These have now entered service and all six had been noted in Oxford by your co-editor by 22/08/98. They are 5156-5161 – S156-161KNK and are very fine looking buses indeed. These are the first Arriva liveried vehicles to be allocated to Aylesbury and a promotion ( Which the author of this website organised in a previous position at Arriva ) took place in points along the route on Friday and Saturday last. A leaflet with details of the service also includes one FREE return trip voucher for passengers to sample the new buses. An original photo appears below for your interest.

Courtesy of OCBP

 Red Rover of Aylesbury ROD 765, 1955 AEC Regent V MD3RV036 with Metro-Cammell H33/26RD body, new to Devon General. Photo © Peter Relf [6138]

Red Rover of Aylesbury ROD 765, 1955 AEC Regent V MD3RV036 with Metro-Cammell H33/26RD body, new to Devon General. Photo © Peter Relf [6138]


The credit crunch has now reached Bus drivers



Ansell’s Eggs from our small flock of Hens


Offer only for Aylesbury depot employees

We currently have a small flock of Hens which supply our family needs, at times we have a small surplus of eggs these are available at £1 per half dozen. If you wish to try our garden range eggs please contact Les at the depot

image £1 per 1/2 Dozen

That’s all for another month drive careful

Les Ansell


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