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I thank Bob Rutland for this rare glimpse in the past of Aylesbury’s Buses and Staff



Our Thanks go to Adrian Dell for his help in putting name to these photos


Picture 1  (L to R) Charlie Jefferies, Tommy Rutland, Les Frost (he was my Great Uncle – my Grandad Stan Frost was also a driver at this time)



Picture 2
3rd from left  – Sid Reading
7th from left – Ron Palmer
8th from left – Joan Clarke (Mrs Tapping)
partial face of lady 2 left of the gentleman with the cap to the right of the picture – Queenie Atkins

Still asking around to find more names. My mother (Stan Frost’s daughter) is on the case.!!


Picture 3 (again left to right)
2nd – Mr… Capp
4th – Tommy Rutland
5th – Charlie Jefferies
6th – Les Frost
8th – Mr… Holt
9th (seated) – Bill Lawrence
14th – Alec Rutland
19th Mr…Cousins


ARRIVA Aylesbury

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June 18th, 2010

More names and photo from the past 50’s and 60’s

the names know are L to R

3rd Bill Lawrence

4th Stan Frost

5th Charlie Jefferies

9th ….. Mortimer

10th Les Frost

12th Nobby Simons


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