How to catch a bus


Where do you want to go?
Use the Route Planner to find out which bus takes you where you want to go. Timetables and route maps are available for you to print. Timetables are often displayed at bus stops too.

If you want to talk to us about your journey you can speak to our customer services team on0844 800 44 11 during normal office hours. If you want timetable information by phone you can call traveline on 0871 200 22 33.

Which ticket do you need?
Travelling with Arriva is very good value for money. We have fares to suit every type of journey. Select Timetables & Tickets to find out which fare is best for you.

Your driver can also advise you on the best ticket for your journey. Please try to have the correct fare as the drivers may not always have change, and we aren’t able to accept £50 notes on the bus. All you have to do then is find a seat, sit back and enjoy your journey.

How to catch a bus - enjoy the viewGetting on the bus
As the bus approaches your bus stop you will see the number and destination of the service on the front. To stop the bus, simply hold out your arm to signal to the driver that you want him to stop. More and more of our buses have little or no entrance step, so it’s easy to get on even with a buggy or shopping trolley

Getting off the bus
When you want the bus to stop, simply press the bell once in good time and remain in your seat until the bus comes to a stop.

Now you’ve arrived at your destination without the worry of having to find a parking space or change for the meter – all you have to do is enjoy your day. Look at our Town Guides for places recommended by other Arriva customers to visit while you’re there.

If you would like to comment on your bus journey or if you have difficulty moving about and would like to know more about our easy access, wheelchair friendly bus routes please contact us