Concessionary Bus pass scheme – information sheet
Changes from 1 April 2011

From 1 April 2011, the statutory responsibility for Concessionary Bus Travel
transfers from the district councils to Buckinghamshire County Council.
What happens if my bus pass is due to expire?

Your District Council has written to all existing pass holders with a bus pass
that expires before 1 July 2011 enclosing a renewal form, to be returned to
your District Council, to order a new pass. Queries regarding your renewal
form should be addressed to your District Council. Passes for those who have
renewed will be sent out by 1 April 2011.

If your pass expires after 1 July 2011 Buckinghamshire County Council will
send you a renewal form a few weeks before the expiry date.
What if I am applying for the first time?

New applications after 1 April 2011should be made to Buckinghamshire
County Council using the application form below, before this date your district
council will continue to accept applications and deal with queries.
What is the Concessionary Bus Pass Scheme?

Buckinghamshire County Council is required by the Concessionary Bus
Travel Act (2007) to provide a free bus pass scheme.

The scheme provides, free of charge, a bus pass that allows the holder free
off-peak travel on local buses anywhere in England. Off-peak hours are
9.30am until 11pm during the week and all day at weekends & bank holidays.
When travelling in Buckinghamshire you can also use your pass from 9am.
Your pass will be valid until the expiry date showing on the front of your bus
pass or until the announcement of any alterations to scheme conditions.

To be eligible for a bus pass, you must be either:
• In receipt of the state pension or have reached the pensionable age of a
woman born on the same day as you. (see below)
• Have one of the following disabilities:

To be eligible, your disability must be permanent, have lasted at least 12
months, or be likely to last at least 12 months. The disability must have a
substantial effect on your ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities. The
following eligibility criteria are set by the government, under the Transport Act

Blind or partially sighted
Profoundly or severely deaf
Without speech
Have a disability or have suffered an injury which has substantial and
long-term adverse effect on your ability to walk.
Do not have arms or have long-term loss of the use of both arms.
Have a learning disability.
Have been refused a driving license because of physical incapacity
(does not include refusal on grounds of drug or alcohol misuse).
Please note your application form needs to be signed by a Health Practitioner
if you are applying on disability grounds.
For more information visit the Department for Transport website.

Companion entitlement
A companion endorsement is available for any eligible person who can’t travel
unaccompanied and this allows a companion to travel free of charge with the
card holder. You will need to provide a letter from a Health Practitioner to
confirm that you are unable to travel on public transport unaided.
If you are unsure whether any of the above categories apply to you, please
ring the telephone number given at the end of this leaflet.

Age of eligibility
From 6th April 2010, the age of eligibility for concessionary travel for women
will be pension age and for men it will be the pensionable age of a woman
born on the same day. The age of eligibility will rise in stages, between 2010
and 2020 with the age of eligibility for the state pension scheduled to rise by
two months every one month. This means the earliest date on which you can
get your bus pass will depend on which month you were born in and will not
fall on your birthday.

Please use the table below to see when you will become eligible for a pass:
Date of birth Date eligible for bus pass

6 August 1950 to 5 September 1950 6 January 2011
6 September 1950 to 5 October 1950 6 March 2011
6 October 1950 to 5 November 1950 6 May 2011
6 November 1950 to 5 December 1950 6 July 2011

6 December 1950 to 5 January 1951 6 September 2011
6 January 1951 to 5 February 1951 6 November 2011
6 February 1951 to 5 March 1951 6 January 2012
6 March 1951 to 5 April 1951 6 March 2012
One month later Two months later

How do I get my Bus Pass?

Please complete the application form and either post it to the address shown
below or hand it in at the County Council offices in Walton Street Aylesbury.

What is the definition of a local bus Service?
Local buses are run by operators to a published timetable that the public can
use without advance booking. In Buckinghamshire this includes all services
except those operated by National Express and dial-a-rides. There are some
instances where longer distance coach and bus operators may have
registered as a local bus service, so if you are unsure about whether you can
use your pass on long-distance buses and coach trips, check with the
company first.

Are there alternatives to a free bus pass?
Buckinghamshire County Council does not offer an alternative travel
concession to the free bus pass. Your District Council may offer an alternative

What happens if I lose my pass?
Please contact us immediately if your pass is lost or stolen. There is a
replacement charge of £10 to replace a lost bus pass.
What should I do if I move away from Buckinghamshire?
Please return your pass to the address below. You will need to apply for a
new pass from your new local authority.
Who do I contact if I have any queries regarding the scheme?

Until 6th March 2011 please contact your District Council, who will be able to
advise you.

From 7th March 2011 you can call us on 0845 5212521, alternatively you can
email us at or write to us at:

Buckinghamshire County Council
PO Box 835