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    Well done …Just goes to prove Aylesbury drivers  are some of the best in the Shires

    We have always know it … Thou

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    Further update on this closure, is that on Saturday 31st March between 0700 and 1900, Oxfordshire CC will operate a free minibus service between Wheatley Church and Welcome Break Services every half hour to connect with the 280 going towards Aylesbury – this will solve the problem of eastbound passengers from Wheatley being unable to connect with a diverted 280.

    Note though this minibus service will not operate on Saturday evening or at all on the Sunday – during this time eastbound passengers from Wheatley will need to travel on a westbound bus to Thornhill P&R and cross over the road to catch an eastbound 280 back towards Aylesbury!

    Any passenger known to be doing this journey should be taken for no charge from Wheatley to Thornhill P&R.

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    Service 300 will be affected by works to repair a collapsed sewer in Hughenden Road, High Wycombe at the junction with Coates Lane and Green Hill. Work will commence on Saturday 31st March and is expected to last for between 7 and 14 days.

    The access at the junction to Coates Lane and to Green Hill will be closed off to try and ease the inevitable delays as traffic on Hughenden Road will be controlled by temporary traffic lights.

    Both bus stops adjacent to the junction will be closed off and temporary stops cited beyond the junction in the direction of travel; i.e. towards Aylesbury the bus stop will be on the lamp post outside house number 321 further towards Hughenden Manor and towards High Wycombe will be on the lamppost opposite house number 175 further towards the town centre.   

    As above it is anticipated there will be delays to this already congested main road.

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    In connection with the new bridge in Church Street, Dunstable for the Busway, there will be some road closures as follows affecting service 61:-

    Saturday 31st March all day [actually closed from 22:00 on Friday until 05:00 on Monday].

    And the same again later in July which will be confirmed nearer to the set date. There will also be some weekday overnight closures but as these are from the same times, they will not affect us.

    61 going to Luton to divert via Kingsway, right into the link road through to the White Lion Retail Park then right into Boscombe Road and left into Luton road and normal route.

    61 going to Aylesbury – right at Macdonalds into Boscombe Road then up to White LionRetail Park, left into the new-ish link road and left into Kingsway and right back into Church Street and as usual.

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    The bridge over the A40 at Park Hill, [close to Holton Turn] Wheatley is to be closed on Saturday 31st March and until 18:00 on Sunday 1st April, for repairs to the bridge expansion plates.

    During this closure, service 280 will not be able to serve Wheatley EASTBOUND, i.e. towards Aylesbury.


    All day Saturday and Sunday until 18:00, eastbound buses are to continue along the A40 past the Wheatley turn off and then take the next exit towards Thame, then into Welcome Break service Area where drivers must wait for time if early as anticipated they will be.

    Passengers requiring Wheatley from Oxford direction should use the 280 to Welcome Break then alight there and wait for a westbound bus going towards Oxford and board that into Wheatley.

    Drivers on eastbound buses should issue and accept single, return and period tickets for Wheatley through to Welcome Break; drivers on westbound buses should then accept tickets from Welcome Break back into Wheatley without further charge. Passengers must not be charge more than they would normally pay to go directly to Wheatley!

    Saturday drivers on the 2200 and 2300 from Oxford should ensure that any passenger boarding with a ticket or wishing to buy one for Wheatley is informed that they can only be dropped at Welcome Break and there will be no westbound bus to take them back into Wheatley! 

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    35 miles and a few hills later


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    Due to a delay in the redevelopment of Milton Keynes Railway station Forecourt

    Set downs and pick ups to be continued from Elder gate bus stop and X3 stop in Midsummer Boulevard till further notice


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    Due to electricity works in Chinnor Road, Towersey, necessitating closure of the road all day on Monday 26thmarch and Tuesday 27th March, High Wycombe’s service 40 and Aylesbury’s service 120 will be unable to serve Towersey village for both days, running instead via Chinnor Road and then Thame by-pass.

    However service 123 will divert via Kingsey Road, Windmill Road, Thame Road and Towersey Road, therefore serving the bus stop in Thame Road in Towersey just after the junction with Windmill Road. Service 123 will not be serving the main stop in Towersey Village near the crossroads.