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    On Sunday 29th January, BT will be working in Duke Street, Princes Risborough, resulting in service 300 being unable to access the High Street.

    Service 300 will therefore run via New Road in both directions and observe the bus stops in New Road.

    No times have been given for the work so this diversion should be observed all through the day.

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    The shelter at the above stop is due to be replaced this weekend (Fri 20 – Sun 22 Jan; exact timings to depend on progress of works), closing the stop.

    OBC will be setting up a temporary stop in the layover bay about 50 metres further along the road; please use this for the duration.

    image temporary stop will be here

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    All remaining holiday days for Holiday year 2011-2012

    must be booked NOW !!!!!

    OR this will be allocated by SDM


    Holiday Year 2012 –2013

    All Staff must book a minimum of 4 weeks with immediate effect

    otherwise this will be allocated for them as well by SDM


    Steve Ellam

    Senior Duty Manager

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    Roadworks that will impact on the 4, 50, 55 and 300 next week.

    The will be two-way traffic control (stop and go boards) on Stoke Road railway bridge to install anti-skid material on the bridge.

    It will run between 0930 and 1530 on Weds – Fri, 18th – 20th January.

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    Dave Tucker

    Dave Webb

    Terry Cottle

    Adrian Wilson

    Dennis Mauger

    Please Collect from Babs

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    Our thanks to Glynn Carnell and Russell Cato for all the assistance in providing this item

    Glacier Mains Fed

    Mains Fed / Point of Use Water Cooler

    The GLACIER water cooler comes in both HOT & COLD and COOK and COLD models. It has efficient and effective time-tested heating and cooling systems – the external heater band to avoid lime scale and mineralization and a robust Compression chiller.

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    Union branch members of Arriva Aylesbury

    SE/450 Branch

    union cards

    Your new membership cards should start dropping thru your letterboxes this forth coming week

    please let the Branch Secretary ( Les Ansell ) Know as soon as you received them


    Thanks Les Ansell

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    True or False? Scottish notes aren’t legal tender
    Legal Tender – Facts & Fiction

    From the end of next month the old style Edward Elgar £20 note will be withdrawn from circulation, meaning you can’t use it, though you can trade it in at a bank. Yet what is, and isn’t, acceptable is oft-shrouded in mist – mainly because the term ‘legal tender’ is pretty spectacularly misunderstood.

    • Are Scottish bank notes legal tender? No, not even in Scotland, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be used. It simply means most people don’t understand what legal tender is (see below). Bank of England notes are only legal tender in England and Wales, meaning there are no legal tender notes in Scotland at all. 
    • What is legal tender? It simply means if you have a court order against you for money, the person you owe cannot turn down your settlement if you offer to pay by legal tender.
    • Trivia time – Is 22p of 2ps legal tender? No but 18p is. For pub quiz use only, be aware that with coins the amount counts. So you can settle court debts of up to 20p in 1ps and 2ps; up to £5 in 5ps & 10ps and up to £10 in 20ps & 50ps. However, £1 & £2 coins are legal tender to any amount – in England, Scotland, Wales & NI.
    • What if a shop refuses your cash? There’s little you can do, shops don’t have to sell you goods, whatever you offer for payment.

    Let me finish with a quick word to English shopkeepersplease do accept Scottish and Northern Irish notes. While not legal tender, they are UK Parliament approved legal currency, which makes them a perfectly acceptable way to pay. Discuss: Legal Tender

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    Courtesy of the OBCP




    07.00 – 23.00

    Frogmoor will be closed to buses for the entire day and Services 31 & 300 will need to divert via Arch Way in both directions.

    Services inbound from Hughenden Road will not serve Temple End.